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JB Danquah Vrs Nkrumah: The untold story of Ghana’s independence struggle and the founders’/founder's debate

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2020-08-08 16:48:36
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JB Danquah Vrs Nkrumah: The untold story of Ghana

You are an aggrieved and pissed off sad person. There is always one leader on every Country but not LEADERS. So what is your argument. Winston Churchill was a UK Prime Minister during the Second World War and everything is about what Churchill did and NOT about his Cabinet Members or whatever.
Every Country has a Leader, President Donald Trump, President Barack Obama, Chancellor Angela Merkel etc etc etc. President Putin, etc etc.
The whole of UK talks about Dr Kwame Nkrumah only. I have met several Africans or Europeans and they only talk about Dr Kwame Nkrumah.
Please stop PLEASING AKUFFO ADDO. The Ashantis are fed up with The Akyems. Why did Paa Willie broke away from Victor Owusu Popular Front Party-PFP to for United National Congress UNC? Because the Akyems wanted to rule the Ashantis. The Ashantis are the many and by democracy, should lead not the Akyem MAFIA. Akuffo Addo Akyem people are a fraction of Eastern Region but they are pulling above their weight.
You are a liar and a big NORTHERN THIEF. Northerners and Ewes are NATIONAL THIEVES. Dr Nkrumah was a patriot. He never built a house or stole anything

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Re: JB Danquah Vrs Nkrumah: The untold story of Gh
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