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The Dawn Of ?Culture Of Rights?

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Nana Diasempa
2006-04-08 09:09:45
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Re: Blessing

What remote practice? Go to Kumasi Anloga. It it wildly practiced in all the secrective Ewe villages from Ghana to Togo.Your human rights abuses do not qualifies for tribalism. So do not use trokosti as good points to judge tribalism. I love all correct cultures with biass. I even dance Abagya and have Ewe Women friends up to date. I welcomed the wife(ewe lady) of a journalist(fante) at the airport to my house just yesterday in abroad.

I am shocked up to date. The Togbe's(ewe chiefs) fucking and abusing children (YOUNG GIRLS) for enlightenment?

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04-07 02:31
Re: Blessing
Nana Diasempa
04-08 09:09