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Supreme Court strikes out suit against K.K. Sarpong over retirement age

Comment: Fools believe

Satan Carbonu
2020-07-29 12:38:52
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Supreme Court strikes out suit against K.K. Sarpon

Tribal bigots and frustrated political dim wits, you dismiss transitional clauses in the 1992 constitution forced on us ; and which protect murders and thieves to wasting our ears and time on the retirements of experienced and competent public servants? What gives? The country has to move forward and some of us are glad the Supreme Court is putting a check on the irrationality of the political and tribal bigots? Perfection is not human . We should not waste our time on little minded issues?7 We need knowledge, water, energy, food and shelter. Take the lack of these to the Supreme Court? Fools!

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07-29 10:36
Fools believe
Satan Carbonu
07-29 12:38