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Flt. Lt. Rawlings must stop obfuscating, he must come out with the truth

Comment: Confused

2020-07-29 09:33:22
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Flt. Lt. Rawlings must stop obfuscating, he must c

The story about Col Bernasko symbolises the narcissistic tendencies of mad rawlings. question is what prompted you to think such a person is going to be better than the democratically elected government of Liman?
You talk of Kutu's wealth or lack of it today as if you did not know about it back then.
However your ability to admit your mistakes be it indirectly does differentiate you from that animal. It's about time you let those Ghanaians who are so soft in head to the extent of still believing that thing is a man of integrity know that he's worst than peteku.
Since you were so close to him,can you confirm whether it's true he was partial to a bit of boys? The tu that Kutu loved belonged to women,can he say the same about himself.

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