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Why Hawa Koomson is still at post

Comment: Hawa Koomson

2020-07-29 16:31:08
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Why Hawa Koomson is still at post

Where should she be, if not in her office and delivering ambulances, dams etc etc. Hawa did nothing wrong and all who are baying for her blood should look elsewhere for comfort. The hard working lady has been the target of the Ndc all along. Because, her ministry seems to be performing wonders at the constituencies and people living there have been singing praises for Hawa. Can't women also protect themselves in public. If Adwoa Konadu, the ninety year old woman who was recently murdered had a gun on her. Couldn't a warning shot from her carried gun save her live?

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07-28 02:39
Hawa Koomson
07-29 16:31