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Why Hawa Koomson is still at post

Comment: Hawa Koomsons case

Kwaku Owusu
2020-07-29 05:39:14
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Why Hawa Koomson is still at post

A very sorry state of affairs in Ghana today where there are two laws:
1. One for the so called Elites, the enlightened class, the rich and powerful as well as those who occupy the higher echelons of power;
2.The other laws for the ordinary citizens who are very weak, illiterate, unenlightened, docile, poor and classless
Hawa Koomson belongs to the Ist class of people in the country who by the very nature their class and position are "Untouchables" and Hawa being a woman too, has "Bottom Power" and in her case a very BIG one to boot.
Therefore can do whatever she likes and get away with it
Besides she also belongs to the class of politicians who unfortunately call themselves HONORABLES and are increasingly carrying out dishonorable things that doesnt warrant this title
The public/ordinary Ghanaians now look on with disdain and disgust while these self-seeking corrupt and greedy politicians go about doing dishonorable things such as shooting into a voting into a registration centre in the name of self defence. What a crap!!!
This outrageous conduct of hers can only happen in a third work country like Ghana; a country that prides itself of being democratic in the midst of autocratic countries in Africa
Ghana do not deserve this accolade anymore because abuse of power and lawlessness now reigns supreme in the countryn all in name of democracy and majority of its citizens look on helplessly
From all intents and purposes its abundantly clear that the "honorable my foot and ass-hole Hawa Koomson has gotten away with her outrageous conduct because of her position and power
And as the saying goes no condition is permanent and the people who put her in power are anxiously waiting to " DISPOWER" her and party come December General elections!!!!

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07-28 02:39
Hawa Koomsons case
Kwaku Owusu
07-29 05:39