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Polling stations will be the battlefield for December elections

Comment: Greedy John mahama

Hafix Shaibu
2020-07-26 05:00:32
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Polling stations will be the battlefield for Decem

Even if they dole out millions to their polling agents ,greedy John Mahama will still not win.The problem with John mahama is a pure case of greed .He had every opportunity to make this country better than he met it as Vice president and subsequently as president but what did he do ,he blew it up and rather engaged in unbridled corrption and amassed wealth for his family and friends .We are not fools in this country and greedy and self-centred John mahama is not the only person qualified to be president in Ghana .Greedy John mahama cant eat his cake and have it back .Afterall he was the one who said there is nothing at the presidency and so why is he so desperate to go back there if indeed there is nothing there.Arise and reject greedy John mahama come Dec 7 .

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