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Opinions of Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

Zita Okaikoi and Atta Mills hate Ghana

In choosing to have a baby in the USA instead of Ghana, Minister of information Zita Okaikoi proved that Ghana has become a joke. How can a minister of a country who is involved in the governance of the country choose to get health care in a country that is not her own? On top of that how can she choose to have her child in a different country rendering the child a citizen of another state? The only answer is that Zita Okaikoi hates Ghana.

In 2010 Dr. Atta Mills has ruined Ghanato the extent that his ministers don’t even want their children to be citizens of Ghana. There has never been a time in Ghanaian history were a minister has left Ghana specifically to have a child in another country. This is because, previously all Ministers had the dignity to understand that if you are working for a state, it is rude to have your children in another country and, render them citizens of it. How did Ghana get this bad?

The answer lies in the dirty administration of Dr. John Evans Atta Mills. This administration has done nothing about health care since coming to power. In fact, the government has effectively ruined the NHIS and, taken away the coverage Ghanaians enjoyed under the previous administration. Thus, it can be agreed upon by the all discerning Ghanaians that this Atta Mills administration does not care about health care. Is this an excuse for Zita to go have her children in the USA?

The answer is NO but, I can understand why she would not trust Atta Mills Ghana. Zita in making her decision must have considered the infant mortality in Ghana. She looked at the stats which indicated that there are 55 deaths per 1,000 live births. The statistic, with regard to infant mortality, means that 6 out of every 100 babies born in Ghana die. Thus, Zita must have decided that the probability was too high for her to risk her precious baby. In doing so she insulted all Ghanaian women who don’t have the option of going overseas to have their children. She also indirectly endorsed the ideology that Ghana under Dr. Atta Mills is not taking good care of its people especially it most vulnerable people namely, the unborn.

What is most shocking is the fact that her child will now be an American citizen and, is indirectly insinuating that the citizenship of Ghana is NOT good enough. That is to say, if you go out of your way to have a child in another Country when you are leading your own what hope should the common man on the street have for him country?

The answer is there is no hope under this corrupt administration. After selling the oil for cheap to the Koreans for a few thousand houses Dr. Atta Mills showed that Ghana is the LEAST of his concerns. He then announced that there would be no jobs till 2013 and, effectively said that he was going to do NOTHING for the next 2 years. This must have sent a message to his ministers that Ghana was going to stay still and not develop thus, why would Zita not want her children to be American?

Dr. Atta Mills has ruined Ghana. He has taken away the dignity given to us by Dr. Kwame Nkurmah and, other great men of honor who have governed and contributed to Ghana. We have hit an all time low under this NDC administration. In 2010 there is NO respectable country in the world were a minister would want their children to be citizens of another state. But, in Atta Mills Ghana even the biggest ills become normal.

Penname: Transient Justice