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Opinions of Sunday, 3 June 2012

Columnist: Kamil, Mohammed

Zango Youths in Ghana, Up-coming Electioneering campaign ....

, and the way Forward

As the electioneering campaigns to elect the president of our beloved country Ghana approach, we the Zango youths are mostly the prime target of some unscrupulous politicians who would throw all cautions to the wind and lure innocent Zango youths to execute their political dirty works. Zango youth are hereby called upon to desist from subjecting themselves to be used cheaply as hunting dogs and damped afterwards where it matters most. The politics of our country should be based on issues and not character assassinations, personality, and physical attacks on those running for offices or their supporters. We want politicians who would come to us with a clear message of development and prosperity and not mere hateful utterances that would cause instability in the nation. It is imperative for us as Zango youths to realize that the challenges the Zango youths, and for that matter Zango communities are facing today cannot be addressed without a sustainable peaceful atmosphere in the country. For us to move forward and find lasting solution to the socio-economic challenges facing our communities, we must first and foremost send out clear signals to any person seeking to gain his or her selfish desires, that Zango youths are peace and law abiding citizens and therefore respect the rule of law and the stability prevailing in the country. Zango youths should therefore reject any self-centered politician or person who wants to manipulate us to incite political violence during the upcoming elections. We encourage all Zango youths to go to the appropriate authorities to complain in such instances for the culprit to face the full rigors of the law. The Zango youths have aroused from the unfortunate sleepless slumber that engulfed us in the past, and refuse to stoop as low as to indulge ourselves in such frivolous activities for any political party. The Zango community as a whole is bigger than that! We will discern and support politicians with clear-cut agenda to promote the development of our communities and the nation in general. We believe in unity in diversity. We may support different political parties and ideologies, but that should not make as adversaries seeking to inflict harm on each other. We pray this election would be successful and our nation continues to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that is the envy of most African countries. God bless our homeland Ghana.

Mohammed Kamil