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Opinions of Saturday, 21 September 2019

Columnist: Justice Abdulai

Yemenis' presence, pose a threat to Ghana's peace

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The country Ghana is revered worldwide on account of her passionate contribution towards the freedom of the African continent, and also her incontestable peace and hospitality.

Ghana has an unimpeachable quality of peace and hospitality stems from the countless people from outside countries who flock the country not only to spend their holidays but also to settle and enjoy the country’s peace.

While this has greatly helped to garnish and trumpet the name of the country, conferring on her clapping praises from other countries all over the world, it has started heaping on the country’s head the tendency of getting herself choked with terrorists or hardened criminals who if not checked can cause deep cracks in the reputation and good name the country has toiled for with her sweat and blood.

A recent case that is capable of denting the country’s image has to do with a very vigorous man from Yemen (with his cabal) who goes by the name Mohammed Mahmoud Oul Ibrahim. There are times he refers to himself with the following names: Omar and Abu Omar. This hardcore criminal and a terrorist, part of whose family resides in Ghana, is a wanted man in countries including Ghana, Mali etc. and several newspapers have disseminated information with regards to him, declaring him as a wanted man or aiding in the commission of a crime.

For instance, last Monday, 16th September 2019, The New Crusading Guide displayed his picture on its front page and carried “Yemeni Crime Suspect Fingered in US Envoy Assassination,” Punch also carried on its front page “Killing of US Envoy in Libya . . . Yemeni grabbed with fake travel documents”. In the Police Gazette Accra, Ghana, 15th April 2019, Mohammed Oul Ibrahim is also declared wanted. Interpol has also declared him wanted. All these give a vivid indication that Mohammed Mahmoud Oul Ibrahim is a dangerous man to society who must be clamped down as soon as possible before he ends up causing irreparable havoc to society together with his misguided cohorts.

Part of his cabal who had been arrested and arraigned before the court in Ghana, broke jail last Monday, 16th September 2019. It was said that about 9 of them fled and are now at large. The police and other security enforcement bodies have commenced a thorough search for them and are also seeking for every support to smoke them out for the trial to continue.

Mohammed Mahmoud Oul Ibrahim it appears, while in Ghana defiled his 14-year-old granddaughter which has not greatly marred his reputation as a grandfather but also has caused his granddaughter a great deal of psychological trauma who tries hacking herself to death in some instances. He was dragged to court upon the committing of this crime to be tried. Instead of feeling remorse for causing his granddaughter an unmentionable psychological trauma, he causes further fear and panic to the girl and her parents by threatening them with self-taken videos to wipe them out if they don’t discontinue the case. This has resulted in the family feeling insecure.

It has become apparent that Mohammed Mahmoud Oul Ibrahim, popularly referred to as Amar, Omar or Abu Omar (and who falsely regards himself as a Malian) is a very dangerous man on whose head several crimes revolve around.

Recently, he and his son Mohammed Mahamoud Ibrahim succeeded in duping a Turkish businessman several millions of dollars. A video to that effect captured him transacting in the alleged fake dollars’ scandal with the Turkish business tycoon, posing himself under false pretense to be one Mr Hassan Zein, a Ghanaian businessman (who is known to be a descent and honest man) an investor in Real Estate, Hospitality, plastic production with a good number of Ghana employees and a longtime resident of West Legon, Accra. After Mohammed Mahamould Oul Ibrahim has successfully duped the Turkish mogul under the false pretense that he was Mr Hassan Zein, Mohammed Mahmoud Oul Ibrahim and his cohorts relocated to the following places: Abidjan, Accra, Lome.

Subsequently when Mr. Hassan Zein and his partners realized this dubious and diabolic action of Mohammed Mahamould Oul Ibrahim and his cohorts, and were aware that Mohammed Mahamoud Oul Ibrahim was in Accra, they decided to pursue him. Their attempt did not yield any fruitful results. There is every indication that the reason for the failure is because Mohammed Mahamoud Oul Ibrahim has found himself into the good books of influential men including the President of Mali. And so he is always shielded by them even when an arrest warrant has been issued against him and his cabal.

Mohammed Mahmaoud Oul Ibrahim and his cabal, it has emerged, are also allegedly behind the publication a publication by Le Toguna newspaper and denigrating Mr Hassan Zein.

It has arisen that Mohammed Mahamoud Oul Ibrahim and his cabal run between Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Niger, Burkina Faso as they embark on their vicious plans in duping and terrorizing numberless nationals from Africa, Europe and America. This while showing the toughness of this group also presents a disturbing page of panic and fear that nationals from these continents will always come under as they travel around the world. The activities of this group is nothing short of terrorism which have come to compound the already serious matters of terrorism the world is already battling with.

It is not surprising therefore that Mohammed Mahamould Ould Ibrahim and his cabal are being hunted for in many countries around the world, and that a lot of broadcast had been made about them in several newspapers especially French and English newspapers in West Africa.