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Opinions of Monday, 9 January 2012

Columnist: Mensema, Akadu N.

Woyome’s Banditry Dance Grips Volta Youth

*By Akadu Ntiriwa Mensema, Ph. D.

“The Volta Regional Youth for Action of the NDC is calling on Mr. Samuel Okudzeto
Ablakwa, Deputy Minister for Information, to apologize for failing to defend the
stance of the president… The group said Mr. Ablakwa’s refusal to use the government
information machinery to defend the President stance, raised suspicion that Mr.
Ablakwa was on the side of the NPP … Addressing a press conference in Accra on
Thursday, Mr. Agbe Mawunyo, the conveyer of the group, said the open protest against
calls by the president to use a lawful state organ, the EOCO to investigate the
actions of Woyome has led the state to lose huge sums of money… Mr. Mawunyo said ,
‘we as Voltarians will continue to pay glowing tribute to Mr Wayome for being a
successful businessman and a politician who had made our region proud at the local
and international scene’” (Abridged from Ghanaweb, January 8, 2012).

VR Youth for Action of NDC
Action-ing drums for Woyome
Woyome’s banditry dance
One-leg banditry dance
The pestilential vogue
Has re-anchored in the Volta
In Mill’s floundering boat
Awonoor’s crafted Volta
Has received its new icon
From JJ to Woyome
Volta’s new nugget
Woyome wields it all
Wielding GH 52 million
Waving wealth
Flaunting wealth
Displaying wealth
Volta Youth is gripped
Gripped by stolen wealth

The Volta Youth brandishes it all
Celebrated with war drums
Beating by the Volta Youth
The war drums are loaded
Praying for the Volta prey
Agbadza NATIONAL dance
NATIONAL dance is on
At the center is dust
Swirling filthy dust
Spiraling filthy dust
Spinning filthy dust
Pirouetting filthy dust
Woyome is in a haze
The VR Youth is ablaze
Ghana is in a daze
Dazed by a thievery dunce
Dunce on his one-leg dance
Dancing to banditry drums

VR Youth for Action of NDC
The guardians of Voltaic poverty
The priests of Voltaic poverty
The philosophers of the Volta
Philosophers of impoverishment
Philosophizing for Woyome
Pivoting Woyome’s banditry
Poising Woyome’s nugget
The underdeveloped Volta
The P/NDC’s poor World Bank
NPP enriched it using Rural Bank

VR Youth for Action of NDC
The action group in inaction
Guardians of Volta’s poverty
The priests of Volta’s poverty
The underdeveloped Volta
The NDC’s poor World Bank

The VR Youth likes poverty

The VR’s bad roads
From Alavanyo to nowhere
The VR Youth likes poverty

The VR has scarce facilities
Happy Ho has one traffic light
The VR Youth likes poverty

The VR has many schools
Under palm-wine palm-trees
The VR Youth likes poverty

The VR’s sources of water
Boreholes near latrine pits
The VR Youth likes poverty

The VR’s sources of power
Milk-can kerosene lamps
The VR Youth likes poverty

The VR’s poor health facilities
The VR Youth likes poverty
Ho Memorial Death Hospital

The VR’s crude economy
Sand-added Keta School Boys
The VR Youth likes poverty

Ah! No voices against poverty
VR Youth likes Voltaic poverty
Awonoor loves Voltaic poverty
VR poverty is not his Revolution
Akan regression is his Revolution

So comes Togbe Woyome
VR Youth for Action is agog
Action in auctioning drums
Beating agbaja war drums
Woyome is on his one-leg
Dancing to banditry drums
Agbaja war dance in vogue
Woyome the master of dance
Is on his one-foot dance
Dancing the banditry dance
Dancing the dance of theft
The other foot is the air
In the air indebted to the NDC
Woyome dances on one foot
Ah! With agbaja war drums
Woyome circles like a vulture
Circling his carcass of wealth
The prey with thieving grace

*Akadu N. Mensema, Ph. D., is a nationalist Denkyira beauty. She is a trained oral
historian cum sociologist and Professor in the USA. She lives in Pennsylvania with
her great mentor and teaches Africa-area studies at a college in Maryland. In her
pastime, she writes what critics have called “populist hyperbolic, satirical”
poetry. She can be reached at