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Opinions of Thursday, 28 February 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Woyome & His Lawyers are Complete Jokes

? I, Rockson Adofo, on this 26th day of February 2013, after the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, solemnly declare that Alfred Agbesi Woyome and his lawyers will be complete jokes if they think rational Ghanaians will keep mute and sit by with mouth agape while the State prosecutors toy with the trial of the defendant, Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome. They can connive as much as they can with those irresponsible State attorneys appointed to prosecute Mr. Woyome, but who unfortunately disgustingly always come up with flimsiest excuses to request for the adjournment of the case whenever it is due for hearing.

? I will not sit on the fence, twirling my fingers and probably dribbling when there is an obvious collusive evil machination in place to let Mr. Woyome off the hook after insatiably greedily swallowing the unusual gigantic bait of GHC51.2 million. He is currently choked on the very meal (GHC51.2 million) he obtained by deceit. Unless he spews it out after the back blows and abdominal thrusts that have really dislodged it, we shall have no any other option but to force his mouth open. He is refusing to throw up the content of his distended stomach after all my tireless applications of first aid to save him from danger and disgrace.

? Now, a fellow citizen vigilante, Hon. Martin Amidu, is taking him to the theatre to operate upon him. By this method, we shall surely remove the food he is choked on whether he likes it or not. I invite so many Ghanaians to join the vigilantism to retrieve the money Woyome and his likeminded criminals have dubiously obtained from the NDC government, taxpayers' money of course, through what are judgment debt payments.

? I always laugh my head off over the funny attempts Woyome's defence lawyers made to gag me sometime ago. How would they expect me to keep quiet knowing that they are conniving with some "greedy bastards, evil dwarfs and babies with sharp teeth" (courtesy to former President J. J. Rawlings) to steal that gargantuan money? The government could have used that money to subsidize petrol prices or carry out some essential developments.

? Let me take Mr. Woyome's lawyers back to the law school for a few minutes although, a layman as I am. Does it take one to be a lawyer to know the law? They sued me for a breach of court contempt somewhere in March 2011. They accused me of preparing the minds of Ghanaians towards accepting no other verdict coming from the court trial of Woyome on fraudulently obtaining money he was not due, than a guilty verdict. One of his lawyer's said the case is pending in the court hence there was no need for anyone to comment on it.

? The lawyers of Woyome have the right to give Ghanaians a double slap, gag us and require us not to cry. They, on the other hand, with Mr Woyome inclusive, have the right to go on air to make any silly statements they see fit.

My consultations with astute legal minds revealed that Woyome's defence lawyers erred by going to the print and electronic media as well as on air to announce I was in breach of contempt of court. They sued somebody they never knew and could not reach. The fact that the case was, and is still pending in court, no court of competent jurisdiction in Ghana has issued a moratorium on Ghanaians not to comment on Woyome's crime against the State. No court has placed a temporary or permanent injunction which bans the public from discussing or writing about the Woyomegate scandal. Until such time as the State will be seen to be serious to prosecuting Alfred Agbesi Woyome, and the court also placed an injunction as just said, I will educate Ghanaians on the consequences of Woyome's actions to the wider public. They had every right to contact the court for permission prior to broadcasting my name in Ghana for having breached a rule they are themselves not competent of, or conversant with its application.

? The NDC faithful, government and party can connive with the State attorneys to shield Woyome as much as they can, they will never succeed. As long as Ghanaians continue to suffer economic hardships, before and following the nonsensical dubious price hikes of petroleum products, utility bills and transportation fares without mentioning even food and shelter, I will discuss Woyome in my write-ups. I will ensure he refunds the money no matter how far the NDC government tries to protect him.

? More grease to the elbows of vigilantes like Hon. Kennedy Agyapong who first brought the Woyome's crime to limelight, Hon Martin Amidu who has taken him on in the Supreme Court, and all others assiduously fighting to ensure Woyome refunds the money. We need more Citizen Vigilantes to tackle Woyome and the other official crooks in Ghana who are ruining not only the local economy but also, the international reputation and image of Ghana, through unbelievably corrupt practices.

? I shall be back so stay tuned. It is not over until it is over. How do we plan helping Hon. Martin Amidu financially, morally and spiritually in his noble fight to retrieve the money from Woyome? Indicate your views in the comment section.

? Rockson Adofo ? ?