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Would you Hail the 3rd Coming of Messiah Rawlings ...
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Opinions of Friday, 18 October 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Would you Hail the 3rd Coming of Messiah Rawlings ...

Oh Ye Faithless Ghanaians?

Rawlings came to the forefront of Ghanaian politics on 4th June 1979. This was less than three weeks after his attempted abortive coup d’état of 15th May 1979. In his three months spent as Chairman of the military junta (Armed Forces Revolutionary Council=AFRC) that deposed the Supreme Military Council 2 (SMC II) government of General Fred Akufo, many Ghanaians became victims to his capricious mindedness.

? He performed a lethal house cleaning which to many was an ethnic cleansing in disguise. His deep-seated inane hatred for the Akans, especially the Ashantis, became manifest during his said house cleaning exercise. I do not want to discuss the details of the evil acts Rawlings visited upon Ghanaians and how many innocent people lost their lives or properties. Every single act of Rawlings’ governance, whether good or bad, is already in the public domain.

? Rawlings came back again on the political radar, wearing a Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) jacket, on 31st December 1981. His intentions and acts were same as they were under the AFRC. He became the strongest man, ruled with iron fist, never hesitated to jab his opponents with left and right spiky fists.

? He overturned his jacket to become a civilian ruler when public outcry and Western world pressure had come to bear heavily upon him like scary cumulonimbus clouds to hand over the administration of Ghana to a Civilian government or to go democratic. He formed the National Democratic Congress (political party), contested elections in 1992, still an umpire, and won the elections. Was the election won squarely free and fair? I cannot tell if it was won squeaky clean. However, Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan, the now established crook at the helm of Ghana Electoral affairs may be in the best position to tell it all.

? Rawlings, a power drunk, hesitantly handed over power to former President Kufuor in 2001. He, as altruist as he perceives himself to be, has since relinquishing power, been very critical of all subsequent Presidents after him.

? As a matter of fact, the socio-economic rot perpetrated and perpetuated by the government of the SMC I & II in the Ghanaian society that gave birth to Rawlings coup d’états are now manifold worse under President John Mahama than they were under General Akufo. Ghanaians are crying for the quick arrival of a Saviour to liberate them from the "hell of fire on earth" situation in which they currently find themselves. My question now is, will they welcome the third coming of Rawlings who is offering to cleanse the Ghana judiciary and the canker in the Mahama administration for free?

? I find it hard to answer the question of whether or not Ghanaians are ready to give Rawlings another open arm welcome to inflict his partial justice on them. I personally do not want him back even though the Mahama government deserves thorough cleansing of some sort. How would I want Rawlings back through the backdoor when he had illegally and legally served nineteen years at the helm of the nation’s affairs?

? Rawlings, who recognises the late Professor Kofi Awonoor and Supreme Court Justice Atuguba among his celebrated heroes and role models in my view, is not serious a person to be trusted at all. I have heard how Professor Awonoor was the architect behind Rawlings’ madness, murderous hatred, and open discrimination towards Akans especially, the Ashantis. Justice Atuguba in my candid mind could not deliver a fair judgment on Election 2012 petition. He cocked-up big time. He showed all his true colours of hatred towards justice, hatred towards a group of people and a marked lack of understanding and application of well written Constitutional Laws let alone, Constitutional Instruments forming the basis of Electoral laws for Election 2012.

? If Rawlings would celebrate personalities who share the same preposterous views as his, then I am afraid, many would not welcome his third coming even if it was God-send. How can we accommodate further tribal animosity, positive discrimination against the Ashantis at work and in government as seemed the view of his celebrated role models. This is my personal view which, of course, I am entitled to. The little said about him, much the better. Should I continue any further, it will not augur well for me, Rawlings or his heroes so off I go.


? Rockson Adofo ?

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