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Opinions of Thursday, 7 July 2011

Columnist: Amponsah, Jerry

Would President Mills have given Stan Dogbe a legup if…?

Would had Mills with the aid of “human error” appointed the sex-starved if the victim was his biological daughter? The ultimate answer is NO with an unending echo. Appointing a notorious pervert to the office of the Presidential Aide is a pure insult against the victim and the other vulnerable and voiceless victims who might have fallen in the wicked hands of this much known pervert.

Time flies, truth never!

2006 is not far from us. This popular shamelessness tragedy is so new and fresh on the minds of Ghanaians to be easily forgotten or to be overlooked. This shocking and unethical move by President Mills in appointing Stan Dogbe is highly unpardonable. The president got it all wrong if he wanted to outsmart the people of Ghana. No human can avoid the filter of Stan with the rape issue and its aftermath. The sexual assault case was too meaty with facts which eventually coiled the defunct media honcho into his shells.

Genuinely, every right-thinking person will agree that as formality requires, every potential worker ought to undergo a background check – basic checks: Who that fellow is, school attended, previous job and etc. Then we move on to more serious stuffs: Has that fellow been arrested before? Did he/she involve in any money problems – huge debts. More so, every potential employee ought to be summoned and be subjected to criminal investigation. Interestingly, a man who symbolizes probity and proximity to the president, if anywhere in his past could ever come back to embarrass the president.

If the country’s leader was out of town in 2006 to learn about the once defunct media guru who made the most famous headlines in the country in that very year, as patriotic as I’m and will forever remain, I’m setting the clean record straight. Stanislav Dogbe’s golden age is over. Much rejected, he faded into the background after digging and shamefully burying himself. Amazingly, a person whose credibility is as wobbly as a three-legged chair has been given a political life by the nation’s president. Clearly, this is one of the failures of Mills-Mahama administration. They were blindly, dishing out “thank you” jobs to “greedy bastards” without or overlooking much required and vital background checks.

Was it a setup? For argument sake, let’s say yes. Where were the powerful skills of the ever ablest tough talker to make the world know so?

As late as 1am, according to the lady, Stan Dogbe would be calling her and piling upon his laundry list of apologies, begging for forgiveness; and promised her not to do “that” again. What? He’s nothing, but a disgraced mofo.

Stanislav (Stan) Dogbe, onetime Head of Talk Programmes in Komla Dumor’s era, in 2006 strangely turned into a disgraceful Head of Talk Predators. He was in the firm grips of Ghana’s Finest (Police Force). On his fine record, he made a historical time behind “counter-back” and well served the cells mosquitoes with his flesh at the Ministries-based Domestic Violence & Victim Support Unit (DVVSU).

Was the 8th of April 2006 the fourth time or the fourth month of his “sexual relationship” with the lady victim, as Stan Dogbe claimed through his then attorneys over radio bantam? How could a serial liar with credibility problems hold the country’s sensitive position?

Notwithstanding, the then first-year student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST), whose name has been withheld, did a brave thing: Finishing her degree programme, segregating whatever happened in her life in the evil hands of the career criminal. He might have rubbed her of her virginity if she was a virgin.

Following this disgraceful act, Stan was yanked from Joy FM, a radio station under the family of Multimedia Group Limited.

Now, he’s the media paymaster for the Mills-Mahama administration. This is a topic of a heated debate. Political observers have started marking the president down.

This wanna-be bandit signed for the GHc169, 000, equivalent of the old 1.6billion cedis cheque right under the nose of the then Minister of Information in 2009.No wrongdoing! Stan Dogbe is unethically peppering Ghana’s media for the Mills-Mahama government. One could easily fathom that this is the key reason why he was appointed to the already fattened government. Is our president telling the people that reputation is irrelevant? This very important issue will not rest as far as Stan Dogbe is still serving in the office of Ghana government. The whole country knows about that rape issue, and no words of consolation from a crisis manager or a troubleshooter can erase it. That was a stupid, selfish, and self-destructive act Stan did to himself. What sort of testimony are Ghanaians being informed about? This is political suicidal for the Mills-Mahama government. His presidency does have a momentum of classic drama. Stan Dogbe’s rape scandal and his unauthorized GHc169, 000, such a huge amount of monies, withdrawn from Ghana’s coffers purposely for hampers for some few selected journalists as Christmas presents in 2009 will drive toward a conclusion which is somehow, sadly, appalling, and inevitable for the NDC government. If the NDC supporters and sympathizers think Stan Dogbe is a very dominant figure in the NDC government, they’ve to think again. He’s, rather, a doom figure. The NDC government’s 2012 presidential campaign will surely go down the tubes after tainting itself with filth.

Jerry Amponsah (Sabbato) Communication Group NPP, New York.