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Opinions of Monday, 21 July 2014

Columnist: Albion, Kojo

“The White Man’s ice is not colder than yours.”

By Kojo Albion

A story is told about a Community in the South of the USA after 1865. Slavery was over and some blacks decided to go into small businesses for themselves. It was not easy but some entrepreneurs tried to compete with the White community and also to provide services for the black community.

It was not easy to compete and also some black businesses could not provide the kind of services that the White businesses provided. Providing a service has no color. Give your best, regardless.

One black business man who sold ice in this Town noticed that most of the blacks in his neighborhood did not buy his ice like they did at the white Stores. Although his Store was in the black neighborhood and he got his ice from the same Company as the other White Stores, the blacks went across town to buy their ice.

Since the Store owner was also a Deacon at the True Light Baptist Church in town, he decided to ask his friends at Church why they did not buy ice from him. He assumed that his own people will patronize his business since his business was right in the Black community.

Sister Jane: We do not buy your ice because the word on the street is that the White Man’s ice is colder than yours.

Charity, they say, begins at home. We will overcome as we learn to patronize our own. It is not white against black but patronize to help those who are starting from afar to catch up. “Adze w) fie oyie.” “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.”

In Africa today, many people are so blinded that they do not know who they are or appreciate and value what they have. Anything from Abrokyir (Overseas) is better. Cheap imported “Obroni W’ewu” has decimated the Garment Industry and also fried rice is the go-to food. Yes, Obroni W’ewu is much, much cheaper but we have wonderful African prints worth wearing. African Consciousness died in 1492 and many of the present generation are even spitting on the graves of the ancestors with disdain.

His ice, I am happy to tell you that is not colder. “Your history can be used against you.” Wake up.