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Opinions of Sunday, 2 February 2014

Columnist: Sarfo, Samuel Adjei

The Fate of Ghana Revealed. Chapter Four


Accomplishing A More Difficult Task


1. An amazing thing occurred when I sliced the fourth head into two. To my surprise, the half-head rolled a distance away as if it had a life of its own, resisting my attempts to put it in the pillar of fire. Soon, it was rapidly gathering sand and rebuilding itself into a separate head. The other half lay lifeless at my feet. I picked it up and put it in the pillar of fire, where it slowly smoldered with the rest.

2. But the other half rose in the air and declared in a sonorous voice: “Do me the justice of counting me distinct and separate, oh you Justicer of the land, for although I was together with the Other Half in the beginning, I was separate in a latter sense.
3. When the Other Half conceived of the grand scheme to perpetuate his power, I was the one who stopped him in his track. I saw that the people of the land were fed up with the soldiers’ rule, and I sought permission from the elders of the inner council to give back power to the people.
4. But the Other Half was adamant, and insisted that we continued even on the dangerous path begun with the overthrow of the knowledgeable one. We had no choice but to force him out of power, after which he left for his village pronouncing dark curses on us.
5. Less than half a season was left for us to relinquish power when the dark curses uttered by the disgruntled one engulfed us and destroyed us. The Other Half was the one who wanted to be king forever; to those who had seen enough, we said “enough!”
6. We lost our lives once trying to do the right thing and to repair the damage done to the land. Must we be punished again for doing right? Do me the justice of counting me separate and distinct, oh Justicer of the Land!”
7. At the conclusion of his words, Zarathustra asked me to seal its fate; I picked up the seventh sword and sliced the half head into another half, this time scooping both parts with the sword into the pillar of fire. I did not bother to look at the content of the half head sliced into another half because the content was no different from its burnt half.
8. Zarathustra then cut the sixth head with the eighth sword. That was a belligerent head which appeared to be covered in blood, like that of an aborted baby. But it immediately grew another head of a twenty year old to await the future time when it will wreak destruction upon the land.
9. So there were hanging before me in midair two Siamese heads, one black and one albino, one small like that of a three month fetus but the other as big as a man one score seasons old; one half born, the other half blood, both bearing the same face.
10. The half born head was also covered in the blood spilled from the previous three heads, for it was a mean-spirited little head, uttering words of rebellion and revolution against everyone and everything.
11. The infant head began to lisp blasphemies against the leaders of the land and proclaimed that he was the only righteous one, the broom that came to clean the land of all filth:
12. “I saw the evil that the heads had brought upon the land, and made myself a throne of justice, from whence I declared judgment upon the nation. I killed, I looted, I plundered, all in the name of the common good. I bear the blood of many on my forehead, but what had to be done had to be done.
13. For over one decade after the fall of Kumrahn, the consciousness of the people remained tainted, and the power that belonged to them was stolen from them. My mantra was “let the blood flow” because the masses goaded me on, and I played to their gallery.
14. For three whole months, I made myself the personification of the people’s power, and led them in a pogrom to purge the land. I wreaked vengeance on the enemies of the land. In my eyes I succeeded, because in my mind, all other s were thieves!
15. If one begins life by stealing chairs form iron birds and ends up with foreign educated children and a bloated stomach, won’t you call it success in the parlance of our people? Heheheheheh!....” the half born head laughed hysterically.
16. The half blood albino head then interrupted the half born one, uttering these words: “Once you sit on that iron throne, you never give up; so it was that two years after I left the seat for another, I returned to take it back.
17. And for nearly one score years, I led the people unto the abyss of darkness. But my achievements were the meaningless abstractions of consciousness, empowerment and the spirit of revolution which I now quantify in my own head, because nobody knows exactly what these mean.
18. If my betters have been cast into this pillar of fire, I do not stand a chance to be free of it. You may go ahead and burn me for all I care.”
19. Upon these words, I was sorely infuriated, and stepped ahead to slice up the Siamese heads, preparing to cast it into the pillar of fire. But Zarathustra restrained me and instructed me to dump them into the sea, and when I obeyed, I saw two of the scavengers-Apmaoko the panjandrum and Adaaku saymen the paramour-emerge in the habit of two sharks and struggle over the Siamese heads, tormenting them for a time and half time.
20 “Those two creatures will deal with the Siamese heads so that posterity will learn to refrain from their evil ways.” said Zarathustra, before he cut off the seventh head with the tenth sword.
21. That head rose midair and made an argument akin to that of the third head, something to the effect that he was cheated out of the throne by the Siamese heads, who gave it to him for two seasons and later took it back; that he was not given time to do much.
22. “How can a leader find his peace of mind with so much fire breathed onto his shoulders? I was a scholar of distinction brought from across the seas to set things right. I came with a clean conscience, but I was encircled by the evil ones. From within, those who made me king wanted their share of the national cake, and what they demanded was too large. From without, there was the spirit of the albino, scheming evil to take back the throne which he unwillingly gave up.
23. For a season and half, I did my best to pacify the land, but my best was just not enough. Ask yourself whether there be anything to satisfy the one who planned from day one to take back that which he had given up. The fault is therefore not in me, but within the evil ones within and without.”
24. At the conclusion of his words, Zarathustra asked me to seal its fate; I picked up the eleventh.word and sliced the head in two, and to my amazement, that head was very similar to the third head that was cut….a head full of the spirit of inertia-a do-nothing spirit whose head was no different from the one that learned too much and did nothing.

25. El que entendimiento, cuente descifrar la cabeza de los gemelos siameses, ya que es la cabeza de un ser contrariado todavia pronuciar palabras provocativas sobre la tierra y la creacion de la ira de las masas.

Samuel Adjei Sarfo, Doctor of Law, is a private legal practitioner in Austin, Texas. You can email him at