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Opinions of Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Will December 7, 2012 Witness the Catastrophic downfall of the Akans?

When I close my eyes, I can see the imminent fall of the great Akan tribe from grace to grass. This is not a joke but a fact. Nevertheless, the ever-Merciful God Father reveals to redeem. I have the solution to saving the Akans from falling from that great scary height if and only if, they will do according as I prescribe or suggest.

From biblical narrations, Esau, the elder son of Isaac, sold his birthright to his younger brother, Jacob. When Esau was hungry, he approached his younger brother, Jacob, and requested food from him. Jacob agreed to give him food but only on condition, that he, Esau, renounced his birthright position as the elder brother in favour of him, Jacob. Out of urgent desire to quench his momentary hunger, he did as Jacob requested without giving it the due thought. In the end, all the possessions that could have gone to him by the virtue of his position as the elder son ended up going to Jacob.

The above brief analogy is the fate awaiting the great Akan tribe if they continue down the disgusting self-derogatory destructive path they have assumed on the upcoming December 7, 2012 elections. I am not tribally inclined in my dealings with fellow Ghanaians. I see all Ghanaians as brothers and sisters. However, I abhor the sight of a fellow Ghanaian trying to take advantage another because of the level of his intelligence, social status, riches or the tribe he belongs.

Sorry to say, some greedy Akan bastards (e.g. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, Yaw Boateng Gyan and Kobby Acheampong) for the sake of acquiring illegal wealth and fame are undermining the very foundational fabric of the Akan tribe. We shall always have such ignoble Judas Iscariots among every human society, tribe or whatever, for their own selfish aspirations. As Judas Iscariot sold Jesus through betrayal, so are some Akans selling their birthright to reduce the entirety of their tribe to a bunch of ignoramuses?

What annoys me is the theme of President Mahama's campaign message. He is asking the northerners to vote for him because he is a northerner. He asks them to vote for him because it is now their turn to be proud of having one of their own as President of Ghana. He will be in a much better position to provide them with infrastructural and other essential developments than Dr. Bawumia would. Whilst he is in command to decide whatever he wants as President, Dr. Bawumia as a Vice President will rather have to take instructions from his boss, Nana Akuffo-Addo, he says.

Should we accept the propaganda emanating from the very mouth of President Mahama for a convincing issue on which to vote for him? What should the Akans do if he is cleverly resorting to tribalism to gain undue advantage over Nana Akuffo-Addo? It hurts to tell the truth but in the end, it brings comfort. I will suggest you do the same. Nana Akuffo-Addo will find it extremely difficult to peddle any balderdash just for the sake of winning the election. However, that is how President Mahama wants it played, I suppose.

In homage to the late renowned Ghanaian musician Alex Kwabena Konadu, alias "One man Thousand", I beg to quote a phrase from one of his favourite songs. He said, "se nnipa nyinaa redane mmoa a dane bi, na won antwa won ho a mekye wo a nnwe". Konadu's saying simply translates as, "When all humans are metamorphosing into beasts, you do as well or else, they will turn to devour you after they have transformed into beasts". What do I intend by this? I simply mean to convey to the opposition parties, especially the NPP, that they should play the game the same way as President Mahama is doing. If he has the right to ask the northerners to vote for him on the grounds of he, being a northerner, what stops Nana Addo from making a similar appeal to the Akans?

Nana Addo will not go down that path for the sake of harmonious unity and cohesion among the tribes. Nonetheless, Akans should understand where I am coming from. If the most corrupt person ever to be born in Ghana can have the guts to appeal for votes from Ghanaians, why cannot Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo?

I expect President Mahama to campaign on issues and cease whipping up tribal sentiments. Unless the Akans and all discerning Ghanaians unravel the enigma hidden in this write-up and do accordingly, President Mahama with his NDC crooks will steal the elections.

President Mahama claims not to be corrupt but I say he is lying. Can he invoke Nana Antoa Nyamaa (fetish) to declare his innocence that since he became both the Vice President and President; he has not acquired favours or wealth he would otherwise not have? That is the catch. He has surely obtained things for himself or his cronies by virtue of abusing his high position but not by merit.

Sources radio, please disseminate this information for me. Ghanaians must vote out caretaker-President Mahama and his worthless NDC party. He is as visionless as his party is completely lawless.

I have today brought closure to my desire to publish my views. I have other equally important things though personal, to attend. This is how far I can help Ghana and my fellow Ghanaians. Unless circumstances do oblige me, I do not see myself putting views across for the near future.

Long live Rockson. Long live Ghana and the NPP.

Rockson Adofo