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Opinions of Monday, 12 April 2010

Columnist: Issau, Abdul

Why tribal Balance failed…

When Atta Mills was coming to power, one of his big ideologies was the idea of Tribal Balance! He claimed, in his manifesto that he was going to be president of all Ghanaians and, insinuated that the NPP was strictly an “Akan” party. Well, over a year into his presidency it has become self evident that Atta Mills is both a fraud and, a masterful con man. Demographically the government has NOT been tribally balanced but, has been heavily skewed toward the demographics of the NDC. Namely, people from the NDC strong holds in the Volta Region and the North have been the majority of the appointed people in his government.

IS this a great injustice? HELL NO! Atta Mills is simply appointing the people within the party. Akans are fifty percent of the population but, I am of the opinion that Atta Mills cannot appoint 1 Akan out of every 2 appointees in the name of Tribal Balance. That is to say, there are simply not enough in the NDC to do such a thing. Thus, we should not be dismayed that around 20 percent of the population has 80 percent of the government appointments! We should not call the NDC out for hypocrisy when they called the NPP out for having 50 percent of the population occupying 65 percent of the appointments. If you sense my sarcasm then, you are right in doing so. The dirty politics based on ethnicity needs to end because, in essence it makes no sense. It’s been said that the way to unite people is though hope or hate, I prefer that our politics be based on the former rather than the later. It is time for Ghanaians to unite and inform our “poliTRICKtians” that they are actually going to have to stand for something when running for office instead of standing against something, or, some people!

The day when we lose the idea of “strong holds” and, adopt the idea of “strong implementable vision” is the day we will be able to proudly call ourselves a true democracy

Abdul Issau