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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Columnist: Ibrahim Yahya Gampeni

Why this desperation from the NPP?

The BNI,CID and the National Security should dig very deep.The Executive Outcome, 32 Battalion and The Koevoet are all defunct now.Lets discuss the Executive Outcome for now.

Executive Outcome was founded in 1989 by Eeben Barlow.Executive Outcome was a private Military Company but later it became part of the South African Army.

In 1998, following the conclusion of South African Boarder Wars in Angola and Namibia, the apartheid regime in South Africa was beginning to dissolve.The South African Defence Force was looking at broad cuts in its personnel.

African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela demanded that then South African President Frederik Willem De Klerk dismantle some of the South African and South African Special Forces Units such as the 32 Battalions and Koevoet.

One of these was the Civil Cooperation Bureau(CCB) a unit that carried out covert operations which included assassinations of government opponents.Many members of the other units, were recruited by Executive Outcome.

The objectives of Executive Outcome was to provide specialized covert training to Special Forces members.Eeben Barlow was also awarded a contract by Debswana to train a selected group of security officers to infiltrate and penetrate the illegal diamond dealing syndicates in Botswana. When Debswana discovered Executive Outcome was training the Angolan Armed Forces,it promptly cancelled the contract.

The people are very dangerous and the security agencies need to do a lot of works but i trust them to live to expectations.These people fought in Angola,Sierra Leone.

In Sierra Leone for instance,Executive Outcome fielded not only professional fighting men but armor and support aircraft such as Mi-24 Hind and two Mi-8 Hip helicopters.So what was the motive in bringing these people to this peaceful country?Why this desperate moves to be president or to make someone president?

Nobody is above the laws of Ghana and the god of NPP should be told in plain language.We are watching them.They dare not make a wrong move.