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Opinions of Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Columnist: Abdullah, Abdullah

Why this bragging Dr. Bawumia?

Every follower of Ghana news must have known that Dr. Bawumia is a self aggrandizing individual. Whatever reason he has for such an attitude, we do not know. We cannot understand why he is so big headed, after all, he is not the first Economist in Ghana nor will he be the last. We cannot understand, because he is not the first ever to attain Deputy Bank of Ghana position and surely we do not think he will be the last.

He is not the first to study in Canada or abroad nor will he be the last. Is he boasting because of the Cedi redenomination? Well he was not the originator of that idea. No he was not. He adopted after it was done in the Sudan. Readers can google it to see for themselves. To some of us, it was not new, because we had seen it in the Sudan. So based on what is he so boastful?. Was he given the Nobel Prize for Economics? No, but I think if there was a Nobel prize for bragging he would win it.

Bawumia has proved to be a sour looser, He felt so sour about their loss in 2012 that individually he lied with his fake presentation to keep the whole country on suspense after the 2012 elections. He knew he was lying between his teeth when he convinced his party to go to Court. An exercise, that turns out as an embarrassment to him, when he was grossly incompetent in basic electoral processes. Not that they knew they will win, no. It was just to convince the week minds of the NPP that he was cheated and should be given another chance. Nothing more! Do guys remember the loss of John McCain and Palin to Obama?.

If you know what happened after, you’ll understand the mentality of Bawumia. After Obama took the presidency, Palin could still not handle that defeat so she criticizes every Obama move and decision. The bitterness is so much that she will call Obama incompetent. There we are -Bawumia is our Sarah Palin!

Now they’ve got the second chance, and he jumps about spewing lies here and there, boasting here and there, hoping that it will win them the elections. The first time around, it was lies at the end of the elections, and it did not help, now he has changed a strategy as he spews out lies before the elections. The NPP, may have loud mouths they may have the support of Rawlings, - another sour looser. Sour looser because he cannot get over the Party rejecting his wife. If his wife won, he would’ve been the de facto president, when she was rejected; he translated it as rejection of himself. Instead of growing with the party, he is angry the party grew at all and matured in its democracy.

By the will of our creator the NPP will lose again, this time they will lose BIG TIME God willing. Let them instigate strikes and fake polls, God willing they will lose like never before. Mahama is a good man, and very good fellow will recognize that. He has done well aiming to turn Ghana around and God will help him. Yes, who says it is easy to turn a country around. It is never easy. But his courage and good intentions are what is going to win him the support of Allah. We should not doubt this.

This I am certain, because God does reward liars. Let the “Islamic clerics” – who are not even qualified to be called Muslims declare that Akuffo has won. Allah will put those false prophets like Owusu Bempeh, and our own and fake Islamic clerics – Shamun to shame.

These people neither qualify to be Christians nor are they qualified to be Muslims. They can only get the gullible ones to believe them. The unknown is the absolute ownership of the creator himself though humans can use statistical knowledge to make forecasts but they cannot prophesize. That is in the absolute dominium of the Almighty and whoever Muslim or Christian claims to be prophesying is only revealing his fakeness.

NPP is asking Mahama not to refuse to hand over after elections as if they have already won. I ask them to accept their loss with grace and call Mahama and congratulate him if they lose the elections, which, God willing they will surely lose and lose “bigly” to adopt Trump – the other elephant in the USA. They have the audacity to call Mahama corrupt?

My God NPP calling Mahama corrupt, they should be ashamed! The first name of NPP is Corrupt, The middle name is Corrupt and their family name is Corrupt. And they are embodiment of corruption! Do they think we forget easily?

Allah be with Mahama. Your efforts will not be in vain. God will reward you.