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Opinions of Monday, 2 November 2009

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Why this Constant Public Bashing of Kufuor by Rawlings?

I am baffled by a few things which leave me gasping for breath. Setting the record straight may require the assistance of discerning but non partisan compatriots. Former President J.J. Rawlings intrigues me a lot by his sanctimonious ranting at his international public speech deliveries. I wonder if he understands the subject matter for which he is called upon to lecture. Or, the speech organizers seek through him to make a mockery of the African, or, to entertain themselves through his utter display of naivety as the concomitant uncontrollable laughter suggest.

I find him always veering off the topic to discuss Former President Kufuor, qualifying him with all demeaning adjectives that cross his mind. I find this quite weird, yet many are those that constantly invite him to deliver public speeches. Whenever I listen to him, my conclusion has always been, "this guy is clueless about the subject matter". No wonder he could not pass any exams in his life. He keeps deviating yet as ignorant as he is, he doesn't see it.

What has Mr. Kufuor done to him to merit these constant verbal abuses and attacks from him, one may ask? The answers may not be far fetched. Mr Rawlings is simply being tormented by guilty consciousness. The similarities between these two living Ghana former presidents are - both in my estimation had presided over corrupt administrations. Both were inept at enforcing the exploration and exploitation of our locally endowed natural resources to the benefit of Ghanaians. They depended heavily on handouts and dictations from international donors to the detriment of the economic emancipation of Ghana. They both had unresolved murders taken place under their guard.

The stark differences between them are: - Rawlings was a broke man before usurping power and subsequently rigging elections to impose himself on Ghana until he was overtly compelled by the Western world to relinquish his strangle-hold on Ghana. Kufuor had accomplished life successes before standing and winning an election to become the President of Ghana. Rawlings struggled with his education and had to abandon it midway as its pursuance became herculean for the fact of not having the requisite brains for learning. Kufuor was able to make it to one of the world's renowned Universities, Oxford in the UK. Rawlings is a dictator but Kufuor is a democrat. Rawlings' corruption cuts across the bone but that of Kufuor are superficial. Rawlings had his friends paying for his children's expensive University tuition and lodging fees and other related overseas expenses. Rawlings has his friends buying him expensive cars. Who are these friends and what did he do for them to merit this act of pay in kind or reciprocity? Why don't such friends do it for the less fortunate ones in the society but Rawlings of all rich men? Be it known to Rawlings that this is severe corruption. Kufuor's children were able to raise loans on their own but the father is accused of corruption in that respect. Were the loans made possible because their father is/was the President? Was there any undue influence by Kufuor before the loans were granted? Rawlings is a foul-mouthed Statesman. Kufuor is a gentle and disciplined Statesman. Rawlings is a preacher of division while Kufuor in silence admonishes peace and unity.

The list of similarities and differences can go on and on. Is it jealousy that makes Rawlings conduct himself so irresponsibly but unknowingly? Those who organise speeches and invites for Rawlings should please coach him through public manners before letting him embark on such adventures. He is simply a disgrace by constantly fumbling and deviating only to find solace and succour in bashing Kufuor, something without relevance to, or, quite divergent from the topic of discussion. Shame on all those who allow Rawlings not only to disgrace himself but Ghana! Why then does Rawlings hate, but loves insulting Kufuor the world over? Is it enviousness, hallucinations and inferiority complexes being suffered by him?

"Speech is silver and silence is golden"

Rockson Adofo