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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Columnist: Anne Mutinda

Why single ladies are not meeting Mr. Right

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Every woman is searching for Mr. Right, but does she indent to be someone’s wife? Those who have no interest of exiting from their paternal homes are excused.

But one thing for sure; Mr Right never comes as a complete product as you expected. Just be flexible enough to think through the concept of looking for a marriage partner and be ready to deal with the shocks that come with allowing another person into your life.

These are some of the things keeping you from meeting your Mr Right: Matching temperament

Interestingly, ladies imagine getting a man who matches their temperament will make the relationship work. Probably, going by the belief that they will have more similarities than differences. Uh! Lucky you should you fall into one! Don’t be disappointed to find one who crosses your personality. He is a choleric; you are a sanguine!

A hero

They want a man who will be there to advise her, stand by her at all times, fully provide for the family, motivate her at all times and defend her without reservations. Sorry! Let that remain in the Mexican movies. Often, there is that inadequacy you will have to deal with.

Handsome and financially stable

Financial stability is not aligned to how handsome a man is. A combination of the two is rare. Women keep insisting that they need men who can give them cute babies and be able to take care of their needs. Narrowing your search to the two conditions is likely to leave you single for such a long time - if not forever.

Verbally apologetic

Sorry is such a controversial word to men. If you are the woman who wants people to apologize to your face, it’s time to rethink your priorities. It may be the last word you will hear from his mouth but he will apologise in certain implicit ways like taking you out for dinner or buying you a dress.

Treat you as perfectly as you want

Mr Right is not an angel but another human being with weaknesses. He will never treat you as perfectly as you want. It’s all about compromise and living within each other’s capability. Your needs will never be met 100 percent just as you will not be able to fulfill his fully.