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Opinions of Saturday, 15 November 2014

Columnist: Osei, Kwabena

Why should Ghana go to IMF for another Bailout?

Do we need IMF? Do we need IMF to come and tell us what to do in the next 3 years?

Don’t we know what is wrong with us? Don’t we know what our problems are? Don’t we
have answers to these problems? Why then are we going to IMF? Why are we taking
our self to the vampire? Why and why are we taking our self-back to the 80s and the
90s? Why are we allowing the few to take the country into the hands of the vampire?
Because our leaders are not willing to do their job as leaders, therefore we all have to
pay with our blood? We are sitting there watching few people to allow the vampires to
come and suck our blood. Our gold, timber and cocoa went when we went to the IMF
the last time. Now our oil which is among the richest in the world is on its way. What
will IMF tell us that we don’t already know? What is stopping us from making the
necessary changes?
People of Ghana wake up! You’ve been sleeping for too long! Wake up for God sake;
Wake up else there will be no Ghana after IMF bailout. Why have we been sleeping for
this long?
Most of the investment that has been in the country has not been from the Government
it’s been done by the private individuals. What has the Government over the years done
for us? People of Ghana please wake up. You’ve been sleeping for too long.
The Government use over 70% of its income to pay salaries. Do we need IMF to tell us
this is wrong? Do we need IMF to come and change this for us, so that no politician will
be blamed for it? The very problem they the politicians have caused. So they can go
back and do the same thing again after IMF Bailout? Ghana wake up! People of Ghana
please wakeup. What is wrong with us? Can’t we see what is going on?
The Government uses 70% of its income because there are so many duplications in the
Ministries and other Gov. Offices, one department doing the same job as the other.
These duplications are there because we have a labor law that does not allow the
employer (the Gov.) to get rid of the employee he is not satisfied with, therefore has to
create another department that will do the same job for him.
We are having electricity problems “Dumso Dumso” because our electricity production
cannot meet the demand. This is because our politician, because of votes during election period promises electricity to the people in the village without thinking of how
to increase the production base. In the end we all pay. Our businesses collapse.
Why are we sitting there as a nation waiting for someone (IMF) to come and tell us all
these that are wrong with our Great Nation? Ghana, aa people of Ghana, why are we
doing this to ourselves? The same way we brought in these American fire-expect to
come and tell us what we already knew when fire broke out at our market places. AAAA
Ghana you make me cry so much in my sleep all the time. Why are you sleeping for this
long? Please wakeup. You’ve been sleeping for too long. What is wrong with you? I
don’t know what to do with you.
This is the only country in this world that has peace and yet is going back in its
development. This is the only country in West Africa that has not gone to war base on
religion differences; this is the only country in West African that has not fight in the past
50 years.
Why Ghana why? Ghana why? Why Ghana? You know your problems, you know
solutions to them, why aren’t your solving them. Why allowing it to eat you up and
waiting for someone to solve it for you.
My brother my sister what is wrong with us? We pay bribe to the police man for not
obeying the law that is why the Government has to employ more policemen and women
to take care of our street. This cost us a lot of money as a nation, and in the end
Government has to use 70% of its income to pay salaries. That is why you and I are not
getting good roads, good schools and good hospitals. You and I have been sleeping for
too long, let us wake up. This is our last chance to change this country for the better
once and for all.
We don’t need IMF, they come and make us dependent on them and will feed on our
resources for a very long time. They come and setup rules that will send our resources
to them in the next 30 years. Why was there world oil crisis because there was war in
Iraq, why war in Iraq because they need to cause world financial crisis. Why financial
crisis because they need countries to come back to depend on them. Why they need
countries to depend on them because their economy was going down. We don’t need
IMF. We can do it our self. We can change this country by our self. WE DON’T NEED IMF.
To start with, President Mahama you must resign. You must resign because you are not
a leader. Maybe a good speaker, but you cannot lead. This is because you have so many wrongs on your hands, so even if you come up with a good thing/idea very few will
follow or accept it. You must resign because the people have rejected you and your
policies. You must resign because you LOVE Ghana. You must resign because it will save
this country from the bricks of collapsing. If you take us to the IMF, because you don’t
have any leadership qualities IMF employees will run this country down. Please Mahama
do the bold thing, Love this nation, think what is good for this nation, resign and don’t
take us to IMF.
What do we need this bailout from IMF for? Is it to pay salaries? Pay bills? Stimulate the
economy? Can anyone tell me what we need the bailout for? Do we have a plan in
place? Are we ready for more hardship? Is this loan going into some once pocket? IMF
we don’t need your money, we will solve this problem our self. And if you don’t listen
we will not pay this money when you need us to.
What is happing in the country at the moment trillions of dollars will not solve our
problem. It will only push the problem into the future. Our problem is misappropriated
of state coffers resulted in mistrust in leadership. We don’t need IMF to tell us this. We
know it already. IMF is quit in pointing out this because they can see easy money in the
What we need is change in Government (change in leadership, change in policies), allow
our institutions to work and law & other to prevail. Ghana was the first African country
the first African American President visited when he first came to power and his
message was Ghana is the pillar of Africa. We lead the way for most changes that has
occurred in African. We have had democracy for a very long time. Democracy in Ghana
can be compared to most part of the world “if only we allow our institutions to work”.
Let’s not wait for another 2 years of hardship with IMF and Mahama. Mahama please
you must resign for the sake of your beloved nation GHANA.
The truth must be told even if it will cost your blood.
I love this nation so much so that I am ready to scarify for it. Long leave my dear nation

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