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Opinions of Monday, 12 October 2015

Columnist: Sayibu, Akilu

Why should Anas unmask himself?

On Saturday the 10th of October 2015, a member of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Tiger Eye PI was kidnapped in Tamale by alleged assigns of one of the persons who became subject of the investigations Anas and his team conducted about judicial corruption in Ghana.
Ismail Hussein was said to have been whisked to the shop of the wife of the person who was exposed in the investigations and threatened in a manner the police did not disclose.
The spokesperson for the police in Tamale, ASP Ebenezer Tetteh, confirmed the kidnapping of Ismail Hussein by unknown assailants on Joy midday news. He told the media that one person was arrested but declined to give further details about the person arrested and of whose interest among the 34 Justices and over 100 Court staff the person(s) were seeking to serve.
I have publicly stated that Anas and his team were doing well to unearth corruption at several facets of the society but were as well substantially putting themselves at risk. What happened in Tamale on Saturday was a clear proof that the Tiger Eye team must be protected substantially.
Last week, the Chief Justice suspended seven (7) of the Justices after listening to them. It was also reported that some of the Justices have become subjects of Police investigations and have since visited the C.I.D. Headquarters to help in investigations.
There have been several reactions about the suspension of these Judges with members of the public saying the police should have arrested them after they were seen taking bribes in the form of money, sheep and goats on video which was aired publicly at the Accra International Conference Center.
Lawyers John Ndebugri and Effah Dartey are unhappy about the mask Anas is wearing to safe guard his protection and safety. They have in the past days gone to the media to talk on why it was unconstitutional for Anas to be appearing before the committee investigating the case in mask.
I am personally appalled at the needless calls on Anas to uncover himself. Is the investigation about masking? He and his team after painstaking investigations came out with a video in which the guardians and protectors of the sanctity of the judicial system were caught taking bribes in several forms to deliver Judgements in cases they were adjudicating.
What is of interest is the level at which corruption has permeated our society and has even gotten to our Courts. That is what we must be worried about and not whether Anas cover’s his face or not.
The Tiger Eye PI is not guilty in terms of the procedure used to generate the videos. The issue is how our Judges who are heavily respected in our society and have good working conditions should stoop so low to take bribes which were peanuts in some cases.
Lawyers John Ndebugri and Effah Dartey should let us know whether the videos are fake or real. They should have spoken to their clients and known the truth as to whether their clients picked up bribes or not to skew judgement.
The issue and calls for Anas to be unmasked is a fruitless diversion and a provocation. We are not interested in seeing the face of Anas. We are more interested in seeing justice in the face of the evidence brought up against our Judges.
We sincerely do not care about the legal gymnastics been played around by lawyer Ndebugri and his colleagues. It is not important to have Anas unmasked when he appears before any committee or Court on this occasion. With the kidnapping of one of the members of the Tiger Eye PI, my suggestion is that all members of Anas’ team must begin to masquerade themselves. We must support them as individuals. The State MUST protect them as well.
The Judiciary cannot be treated differently. This is not the first time Anas has veiled himself for his investigative works. Justice must be served in this case. The Judges when found guilty should be prosecuted as would have been done to any other person. Very best!

Akilu Sayibu