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Opinions of Thursday, 31 January 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Why is Woyome so Confident and Audacious about…?

I have repeatedly admonished Ghanaians against supporting evil deeds. I often question the morality, integrity and credibility of those Ghanaians lending support to corrupt persons, let alone to gargantuan fraudsters like Alfred Agbesi Woyome. Somebody, a complete "419 crook" as Woyome, is aided by government appointees of whom Alex Segbefia, the former Deputy Chief of Staff, stands out conspicuously accused in the minds of many a Ghanaian, to dupe Ghana out of GHC51 Million.

Woyome, the self-styled NDC party financier has since the ascendancy of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to the presidency, albeit rigging the elections, found a new unparalleled strength. He is not only able to warn the president against who to, and who not to, appoint as a Minister in his government, but also, treated to the red carpet by President John Dramani Mahama. No wonder many people have fingered President Mahama himself in various corrupt deals including the election fraud. Truly, birds of the same feathers flock together.

How could Alfred Agbesi Woyome, having self-confessed not to have signed any contract with the then Kufuor-led government for the provision of whatever, be able to sue the government (NDC government of course) for damages, loss of earnings etc., due to a breach of contract of some sort? If the NDC were not fully behind and involved, this payment to Woyome in what was judgment debt payment would not have been possible.

Reliable information I still hold tightly to my chest but which I am sharing with you today, indicates that the NDC party and government connived with Woyome, a greedy bastard by Rawlings' perception, to make that fictitious claim on Ghana. They only used him as a front to access the huge sum illegally.

I will never allow the "Ghanaian Ali Baba" (Alfred Agbesi Woyome) and his numerous NDC thieves to enjoy the GHC51 Million with impunity. He can run but he can never hide under the Sun, Moon and Star without being discovered.

His newfound audacity will abandon him when the time comes. It will dissipate into the thin air same as morning dew evaporates with the rising Sun. The connivance of that disgraced Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, to rig the election for the NDC and John Mahama has boosted the ego of that shameless Alfred Agbesi Woyome. How disgusting he is to boast about the court vindicating him. How and what can vindicate him if the prosecutors were not behaving like animals without brains in their heads? How justified and reasonable are the prosecutors if upon all these many months they claim not to do have witnesses to help them prosecute Woyome? What nonsense that is?

Do we still not have former Minister of Finance (Hon. Osarfo Marfo), Hon. Kwame Mpianim (former Chief of Staff) as witnesses with Woyome's own statement of having not signed a contract with the government to help prosecute and convict him? The prosecutors think all Ghanaians are as stupid as they think, or better put, as intellectually deficient as they are. At least, years spent in the Whiteman's land have made many Ghanaians wiser.

I will be speaking to a group of Ghanaians planning to bring a private civil suit against Woyome for duping Ghana. As Ghanaians, they have the right to sue Woyome for causing them embarrassment, stress and depriving their relatives and friends back home of essential developments through his dubious act of stealing from Ghana. The State could have put the money to a use that could have been of collective benefit to many Ghanaians. With the private suit, Woyome will weep within days if not weeks. He can continue to bask in the Sun as long as it shines for it will not take long for snow to fall on his wretched life as a gargantuan thief as he is.

The prosecutors had better put up or disappear from their profession. They are a disgrace and an affront to the intelligence of Ghanaians and Africa. No wonder the Whites have no respect for black people. How would Ghanaians support the madness and thievery of which Woyome and most NDC faithful are syndicate? Why should we continue to sit on the fence while a rogue like Woyome taunts the whole nation same as Goliath did to the Israelites in the ancient biblical times?

God have mercy on Ghanaians suffering in the land of crooks under the NDC government and party. I hope nobody will dare gag me with threats of contempt of court as Woyome once tried it on me but failed. Ghanaians should start talking about Woyome's case now that he is boldly beating his chest in public, having a go at the prosecutors himself. He says the State will soon vindicate him. In addition, he will possibly counterclaim for damages in the end, on top of the stolen GHC51 Million. He is challenging the prosecutors to come on or beat the retreat.

The prosecutors hope the presiding judge will throw out the case if they continually frustrate him with incessant requests for deferment for lack of finding witnesses. Woyome says if they had no witnesses or evidence, why should they take him to court in the first place. This is all plot according to plan.

Wait and see all ye that are playing with the patience, intelligence and minds and souls of Ghanaians. Fire will burn you and consume you if you play with it.

Rockson Adofo