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Opinions of Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Why is Rawlings Always Mad at President Mills?

Former President Rawlings is losing his credibility, integrity and self-respect at
the rate of the ticking of the clock with each passing day. I can see him as needing
urgent psychiatric assistance if I was to be honest with him. His obsessive fear of
seeing NPP regain power sooner is making him a near deranged person. Is his stated
obsession without underlying medical condition? Certainly, it is. What a frustrated
person he is!

He has constantly without break been piling up pressure on President Mills to
prosecute the perceived former NPP corrupt government officials. His main reason for
hating President Mills to the hilt is his failure to jail all the NPP officials in
line with his warped preposterous thinking. How serious is Rawlings, concerned
intelligent people are asking? A man who ensured quite an absurd clause was safely
entrenched in the Ghana Constitution at his behest to guarantee his safety, protect
him from prosecution, exonerates him from all blame, is constantly getting on
President Mills' nerves with silly hypocritical demands. "Arrest all former NPP
corrupt government officials. Investigate NPP for the murders of Ya' na Yakubu
Andani and Alhaji Mobilla", he continually orders in lamentation. His requests
though genuine as they may sound are simply a nuisance buzzing sound in the ears of

Who is Rawlings at all to tell President Mills what to do? Are his hands not
dripping of innocent blood? Were the members of his AFRC/PNDC/NDC governments and
himself not as corrupt as the NPP Ministers he is calling for their heads or their
imprisonment? Has he, or have his governments not murdered many people quite
unprecedented in the annals of Ghana? I deplore corruption and murders in their
every form and shape of manifestation but does Rawlings of all dubious characters
have the moral justification to prescribe solutions in such hypocritical manner?

Strip Rawlings of that obnoxious "Indemnity Clause". I am always being teased by my
White colleagues at work whenever Rawlings does his nuts. They wonder why Ghanaians
have in this modern day and age allowed and continue to permit their Constitution to
create a monster in the person of Rawlings? Without that silly shield of "No
accountability but Indemnity all the way" that he is wearing, he would never have
had that shameless audacity to open his mouth to spew garbage as he often does. Yes,
I support with all my heart, soul and mind any call for the prosecution and
incarceration of any corrupt Ghanaian politician regardless of their political party
affiliation. But should that call be selective as opined by Rawlings? The answer is
No. It should be general and all encompassing.

Rawlings is simply scared of Nana Akuffo-Addo Danquah. Rawlings by my in-depth
investigation is found to be scared of dwarfs. Seeing Nana is a midget as he says,
likely to suffer from a short man's syndrome, he will not tolerate Rawlings'
preposterous allegations without dragging him to court to substantiate them. He will
also not hesitate to seek the removal of that "Indemnity Clause" that has created a
monster, via a national referendum to render Rawlings a humble human being. Nana
will perform a unique miracle by turning a fearful monster into a docile human
being. What a magic!

With the NPP possibly coming into power with Nana Akuffo-Addo as the President,
Rawlings sees the noose as closing upon his neck. All his evil deeds will be
exposed. Former President Kufuor boxed him with kid's gloves; Nana Akuffo-Addo will
knock him out wearing men's gloves. Is it not this that is driving Rawlings crazy?
No matter how long and how far he goes crying, the long rope fallen into his hands
is forming a noose. It says, "When a long rope falls into the hands of an unwitting
hand, it does not take long for a noose to form to hang himself".

Please do Rawlings the biggest favour by securing him urgent medical assistance. His
behaviour is irrational, unbecoming and unbefitting for the status of a Former
President of Ghana. President Mills will not allow himself to be unduly manipulated
to do the unthinkable by a former dictator without morals. President Mills was a
God-send gift to deal Rawlings a never forgetting blow. Rawlings finds himself now
in a situation of "killing me softly" in the hands of Atta Mills. President Mills
who sees himself as no longer Rawlings' former School boy will forever remain
nonchalant to Rawlings' orders as long as they are unreasonable as they have always
been. He can bad-mouth President Mills as much as he wants, unless he begins to talk
sense as an elder Statesman, he will always be ignored; his orders, screams, insults
etc, fall will fall on Mills' deaf ears.

More grease to the elbows of President Mills and the incoming President, Nana
Akuffo-Addo Danquah, the Ghana's ray of HOPE.

Rockson Adofo