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Opinions of Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Columnist: Ayitey, Benedictus D.K.

Why do Ghanaians resort to insults?- part two

( final conclusion)

I write to express my heartfelt gratitude to all decent contributors for their insightful and creative views/ ideas to my above article; which was not only enriching but highly thoughtful, educative, and presented in a respectful and decent manner.

The poll taken after all submissions by contributors shows that 99.9% of contributors contributed constructively to it except the following; Ayele, Nyame Ekuma and Asiwome who still felt that they have not yet reached a stage in their life to bear good “fruits” to serve as a blessing to our dear nation through contribution of workable knowledge but are still spewing insults on me for not offending them in anyway, manner, shape or form, even though, in my constructive and neutral article, I had asked them to stay away from it, if they had nothing to offer but they refused.

I pray that the good Lord grant them a second chance by giving them another enlightenment so that they see the light some of us see because if they still continue on such destructive and unproductive path of not bearing “fruits”(workable knowledge) to help fellow Ghanaians in dire need of such assistance at this stage of economic wahalas besieging our dear country like tsunami; the best prescription the bible (which is human-being’s manual) has for such characters for not bearing “fruits” could be found in Matthew 21:18-19 and it stated below:.

And it reads thus” In the morning, when he returned to the city, he was hungry. And seeing a fig tree by the side of the road, he went to it and found nothing at all on it but leaves. Then he said to it, “May no fruits ever come from you again”. And the fig tree withered at once. Therefore, I am going to use this afore-mentioned biblical quote to substitute to the current situation in my own quote involving these non- fruits bearers in the persons of: Ayele, Nyame Ekuma and Asiwome to read below:

“In the morning, when fellow Ghanaians woke up and thinking about seeking creative solutions of their current economic wahalas, returned to the Ghanaweb, hungry for workable knowledge from Ayele, Nyame Ekuma and Asiwome by the road side of, but they found that these contributors did not have such workable knowledge in their brains but insults. Then, fellow Ghanaians got very hurt and disappointed, prayed to the good Lord to pronounce his curse on them but the good Lord decided to give them another opportunity to change their behavior and rather pronounced warning on them as follows” Ayele, Nyame Ekuma and Asiwome, May no insults ever come from your brains again for that was not the purpose I gave them to you but rather you are to use them to provide workable knowledge to assist fellow Ghanaians who need them as you were approached by them in their current economic turbulence and you insulted the writer-My. Ayitey, who did not offend you in the first place”-lol! Once again, “let those with ears listen”- Matthew 11:15 and” a word to the wise is enough, says the old adage”. Hence the afore-said advisory warning applies to all contributors to my future articles.

On the whole, the lessons I learnt from the thoughtful submissions of fellow decent contributors indicated that although my article was based on suggestion that only debating clubs would be the best forum to train our future leaders in the art of public speaking; it is imperative that the training involves all to include first of all parents (since “charity begins at home,” says the old adage) community leaders, teachers (schools), churches and our national leadership.

Now that, we have collectively joined heads together through this constructive submissions of views/ideas in respectable manner to arrive at the above solution; I would like to suggest that fellow Ghanaians of like-minded back home reading this discussion print this article and distribute to all media houses, Government agencies, corporations, church leaders, community leaders, schools, universities, as well to Chiefs/Queens to educate the population, so that we can start seeing immediate result for eradication of this “cancer” which is eating into the moral fiber of our dear nation.

Also seminars and symposia should be organized in the Universities and schools to enable them take this noble fight across to the populace who do not have access to the media.

Furthermore, if after the aforementioned has been disseminated and any of our politicians and rulers continue to spew insults on the airwaves and print media, fellow Ghanaians should create blacklist for these politicians involved, and wait for election day so that they can use their sovereign power (their vote) and show these politicians the exit from the political scene of the nation for life.

Ghanaians should provide them with pink sheet and on it should read this inscriptions-: “ I used my sovereign power (my vote) to vote for you to use your brain to find solutions to my problems but did not vote for you to use your brain to rain insults on your opponents”. In addition, any media house which allow their platform to be used by any phone-ins, serial callers and politicians to spew insults should be made to pay for their lapse in judgement through consumer boycott. This also applies to any newspaper practicing gutter journalism. And parliament should also pass legislation to ban insults and all indecent talks on our airwaves and print media and this legislation should have “biting teeth” to punish all culprits found to have violated it.

In conclusion, now that all decent contributors have joined me in finding complete and absolute cure for the above “cancer” through our collective “prescriptions” using our brains; I will plead with all of you to join me again to offer real solutions to my other substantive articles I would be submitting each week starting from next week under this second topic- “Was Our Nation Founded On Solid Basic Fundamentals?”-The Origin of Ghana’s Current Problems & Solutions.

Benedictus D.K. Ayitey, is Graduate Student-(LLM-International Finance & Banking Law) at University of Liverpool. He is Founder/Chairman/CEO of his own International Finance Consulting firm- Global Capital Resources Group, LLC-based in New York. My email