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Opinions of Sunday, 22 February 2009

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Why are 24 Candidates contesting for the Kumawu Sekyere Afram Plains'DCE?

Regardless, Mr. Alex Adomako- Mensah is the Winner.

The beauty of democracy is to see many people emerge from their cocooning lair to express their interest in serving their nation and compatriots somehow. I personally have no qualms and will never raise an eyebrow about the number of people showing interest in the position of the District Chief Executive for the Kumawu Sekyere Afram Plains District. However, my only concern is about getting the right person to assume that position. What do I mean by the right person, one may enquire? The right person is not that man or woman who dreams of selfishly arrogating to him or herself the financial and other attendant benefits of the office of the DCE in detriment to the well-being of the community. The right person is not that type to malignly sacrifice or sabotage the general interest of the community in pursuit of his personal myopic cum egotistic agenda. The right person is not that lame duck that by incompetence and lack of disposition will be lost in the duties of a DCE like a needle lost in the haystack. The right person is he who is honest, competent, dedicated to duty, visionary, assertive, and able to deliver services to and beyond expectation. The possession of educational qualification for the job can neither be underestimated nor overestimated. But the practical implementation of any such acquired educational knowledge to the benefit of the community is what is paramount, the focus of my attention.

Who then is able, among the twenty four contestants, to fit into the criteria as just stipulated above to be permitted to assume the office of the DCE? To the best of my intentions, it is nobody other than Mr. Alex Adomako-Mensah. He has not only accoutred professionally but has almost all the desired humane qualities according as anticipated for a dynamic DCE. Unlike those square pegs in round holes, he is always a round peg in a round hole or a square peg in a square hole when it comes to the execution of his duties. He is an assiduous worker who always sincerely craves for positive results. He is fair, friendly, but firm, when it comes to dealing with people as far as the execution of his job duties go. He eschews nepotism but compliments honest hard work. Such is a character Kumawuman needs in this uncertain period of her great wants in a country of paucity of resources. The current state of Kumawu does not befit the status of a district capital. It is in shambles, having been made possible through unprecedented nonchalance exhibited by shameless greed on the part of the traditional rulers and some incompetent public office holders.

A redeemer is also called for in times of uncertainty amidst catastrophes. That human redeemer according to empirical observation and an inner feeling is nobody other than my honourable compatriot Alex Adomako-Mensah. He is teeming with managerial skills backed by absolute determination without selfish motives to bring about the good name of Kumawuman to commensurate its historical eminence. The success of his administration in this direction will be measured in terms of the unity he brings among the people, and the essential developments with the creation of jobs he realises. He is sure to excel in his DCE duties to the astonishment of all.

Some people by their sarcastic comments accuse me of meddling in the affairs of Kumawuman unnecessarily. They are opinionated that I am trying to sway or tip the balance lopsidedly in favour of Alex Adomako_Mensah though, a political outsider as I am. Being a citizen with the interest of Ghana and especially Kumawuman at heart, I will never succumb to the derision of those people with selfish agenda to let go my noble fight to secure what is best for the district. The more they scream at me, the better my invigoration to keep drumming up the good message. I always desire to be a good but not a passive, nor, a bad citizen. Why should I sit on the fence to later stupidly blame others for selecting a bad DCE for Kumawu Sekyere Afram Plains District when the right guy is under my very nose? I remember the past. And those with narrowness of imagination who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. I will no longer sit with arms folded around the chest gaping aimlessly while decisions bound to impact positively or negatively on the community is being taken. I will express my views somehow and ensure my noble opinions are taken on board regardless the malevolence damned upon me by the enemies. We have all been witnesses to the recent past disastrous traditional administration that has ruined Kumawuman beyond repair. Do we seize the opportunities presented on silver platter to shed that cloth of ruin forever by going for the right administrators? Or, we get stalled in our seats like dummies with curious eyes rolling in their sockets in utter bewilderment while poverty and death still stare us in the face?

I have been ridiculed for being a NPP sympathiser but trying to have a say in the affairs of the NDC by some purported NDC fanatics with limited knowledge in partisan politics. It is only in Africa in general and Ghana in particular, that political partisanship draws a wedge between compatriots making them see each on the other side of the political divide as enemies. My years of practical experience in politics as obtained through my interaction with the Whiteman, resident in their midst, makes me non-partisan when it comes to decision takings affecting the welfare of people let alone, those from my locality. I am first and foremost a Ghanaian, without priding myself in any stupid political party tags. All that we need is the realisation of essential developments by whichever party is voted into power. We need to concern about that very individual with the brains and heart to deliver on his job. As God allows rain to fall upon both the good and the evil, so is His Excellency Fiifi John Evans Atta Mills the President of Ghana but not the President of the NDC, whether one voted for him or not, period! If he has seen sense in allowing the DCEs chosen in consultation with the local leaders, why shouldn't I have a say if I know of a capable person for that office? Can Rocky be silenced by those lacking in the art of politics? NO WAY!

It has never been, and so will it never be my intention to do or suggest anything that will compromise the welfare of the people of Kumawuman. I will never seek to bring about disunity among the people of Kumawuman but unity. It should be noted that, if telling the truth becomes a hurt to someone, then, so be it. The saying goes, "Where the Devil has been chased away, peace reigns". We need to unite to rid Kumawuman of that evilness that has beset it for the past several years. We need Alex Adomako-Mensah to continue with the initiated good works of the NPP's DCE Philip Basoah and better them where possible. With a much better paramount chief sooner to be enthroned, the district will in less than no time become the envy of the nation.

More grease to the elbows of Alex Adomako-Mensah.

Rockson Adofo, London