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Opinions of Sunday, 4 December 2016

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Why You Should Vote For Akufo Addo.

By: Stephen A. Quaye.


All main party leaders in Ghana have explained in their own words why they deserve your support at the ballot box come December 7,2016.

The leader of the NDC president John Dramani Mahama I'd pleading for a second term to complete his projects.

Counteracting that the flag bearer of the NPP Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is asking the electorates to vote for a change of government.

Why should you vote for Akufo Addo is a story filed by a freelance journalist Stephen A.Quaye based on policies and programmes which when implemented will improve the lives of Ghanaians.


Elections rarely offer such stark choices as the one before Ghanaian voters come December 7,2016.

We can lurch to the right, cutting and slashing our way in a race to the bottom of a low-wage, low skilled economy or we can aim higher and choose to lead.

On October 19,2015 Canadians hit the polls in a federal election and the results was the change of government.

That was followed by the famous American election onNovember 8 and the result was change from democratic government to a republican government.

Come December 7, eligible voters will go to the polls to exercise their right in electing a president who will form the next government to rule for another four years.

Will Ghanaians let the powerful wind of change of government that is blowing across the world pass by retaining NDC government in power or will emulate Gambians by voting for change?

The leader of the National Democratic Congress NDC Mr.John Mahama is pleading for voters support in order to continue what he claim unfinished projects for national development.

Counteracting that the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party NPP Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is asking voters for their support to change the government for better future.

According to Nana Akufo Addo whose position on the ballot paper is 5 five, job creation is priority number one which is feasible through his policy and programme one district one factory.

Where ever Nana Addo campaigns he clearly explains the job creation policy adopted and waiting for implementation as he talked to men women and there was only one message get the private sector job creation working.

As the flagbearer appeal has been, we need more good Jobs so that your famies can pay rent,put a little aside for the future in Ghana not abroad.

Therefore Ghanaians are being urged to vote for change by voting massively for Nana Akufo Addo to replace heavy taxes with fair lower taxes for all job creators.

Voters should vote for Akufo Addo to give young workers better access to apprenticeship, the first step toward a well paid career in a skilled trade.

Vote for change to balance the budget because there is no compassion in borrowing from our children to finance padded middle management we cannot afford.

Voters should know that it is not the high priced NDC tycoons and well connected lobbyist who are out of work in John Mahama's government Ghana.

Rather the people who suffer from jobs crisis are those who can afford it least: the poor, the disabled the young, the old, that is who Nana Addo wants to help.

Vote in drones for Nana Addo.