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Opinions of Sunday, 14 October 2007

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Why Should The Next Kumawuman Chief Come From The Ananangya Aduana Gate?

Greediness always gives false impression about how elevated and smart its perpetrators are. Thinking to be witty, they underrate the intelligence of others. They tax the patience of those not into that immoral practice to the elasticity point, the point beyond which one's patience snaps, and the hell breaks loose. This then kindles anger in people. "Without anger, there will be no violence. And without violence, there will always be anarchy". "Asem sebe"

It had been alleged in some circles and by some people that I had cut and run on the issues of Kumawuman. Until the gospel message I have been imparting impacts on their hearers, I have come to stay on the issues concerning Kumawuman, regardless of any misconceptions formed in the minds of a few selfish inhabitants about me and my origins. I am a Kumawuman citizen, purer than most of my critics who might have never resided there, nor were born there, nor have identified themselves in any slightest way with the suffering of the people, nor are able to state how one gains the citizenship of their own locality, considering their very narrated or documented dubious historical origins. Being a Ghanaian by birth, but not by any default of naturalization or whatever, I have the prerogative to share my views on any issues about any community in Ghana as long as they don't infringe on others' freedoms or human rights.

I can personally attest to the fact that the reign of Barima Asumadu Sakyi II was neither glorious nor glittering. It fell far below the people's anticipation. His initial failure due to the untold legal wrangling over an abuse of trust involving "the source of all evil", could be excused, but the trait of being intransigent, pursuing relentlessly the same decried acts, without the minimum show of concern about the subjects' welfare leaves one to scratch their head for answers as to why and how? However a morally repugnant behaviour that was, I will never pass ill comments about the dead since they are neither ever able to rise to defend themselves, nor, are they able to put up their side of the story. Why then should one fight or accuse the lifeless? There is no need for that, it will be senseless attempting to do so.

I only mention the mistakes of Nana just to buttress a point in an attempt to persuade people to see the need for switching the stool to the other royal Aduana Gates to see what good, if any, is in them. It is also to warn the incoming chief against any ill intent to overlook the interest of the suffering masses but his, and his only. Other than that, may Barima rest in perfect peace without the mention of him in relation to anything bad, but good. He might have been compelled by invisibly invincible forces to act the way he did. Who knows? Whatever the case is, we need to let the sleeping dogs lie. We need to look up to the future and hope bad history does not repeat itself. We need to move on.

Why at all should one agitate for the chieftaincy stool to change hands? The answer or answers are not far fetched.

* The ruling "Ankaase Aduana Gate" have for many years monopolized both the chief's and the queen's stools. Monopoly is only good for a while but the longer it comes to stay, the worse it gets regarding rational service delivery. And this has exactly been the case. Monopoly in chieftaincy affairs often corrupts the reigning chief to wield absolute power in many instances. And "absolute power corrupts, but corrupts absolutely".

* By their own Akan tradition without human greediness contorting facts, the stool(s) should rotate among the three Aduana Gates that is, Ananangya, Odumase and Ankaase. Why this not happening but both stools is in the iron grips of only the Ankaase Gate? Hopefully, no-one is going to lecture me on "Odumase" Gate. I am far ahead of issues and events. Secondly, I need not be told about precedent, citing Otumfour and his mother. All situations are not equal. Some perform, others don't!

* The other Royal Gates have also some handsome and beautiful men and women same as the monopolistic "Ankaase" Gate, to be installed as chiefs and queens. They are intelligent as well. Where then is the fairness should one say, it is only the "Ankaase" Gate that has men and women of personality? I rather prefer men and women of integrity and decency to mere personality showcasing outward beautiful features, but empty in substance.

* They are not deceptively myopic like others to deny the fact that Kumawuman, especially Kumawu, has not chemically treated water but insufficient untreated water supply coupled with delivery problem. The water has to be drawn from boreholes and transported from a village called "Wonoo", a distance of three and a half miles from Kumawu and five to six, from Bodomase and Besoro.

* Kumawuman people who are too young to have seen, but just heard of anyone other than the "Ankaase" royals reigning, would want to see one from the other royal gates reign in their lifetime to be able to compare (and contrast) their quality of leadership.

The reasons for calling for a change could be numerous but as "a word to the wise is sufficient", so also are the above few listed reasons. I detest the fact that certain people are abnormally greedy, same believing in "all for me, but nothing for others", especially, when these people are mismanaging public or community property, embezzling funds as though they will never die. If after all this dismal performance with nothing palpable to show for her seventeen years on the throne, but the sad loss of the "Abamo", the illegal sale of our ancestors farmlands at Abenaso, Abotanso, Anyamesere etc, and she still wants to become a King Midas by her insatiable quest for money and fame, let her carry on. She will soon grow ass's ears.

Should there be at all any process to bring about sanity to Kumawuman, then the queen should not be a stumbling block with a choice of someone who is not the choice of God, by not being the choice of the people. She is advised to go to the ground to hear for herself who and where the masses require the successor to Barima Asumadu Sakyi II as the next Kumawumanhene be, and come from, respectively.

The floodgates are open to all would-be contestants desirous of seeking spiritual protection for them. They can by common sense inquire about their chances of winning the kingly crown, consulting Oracles. But to seek to conjure evil upon a rival, amounts to having gone too far, asking for trouble; asking for an entire arm when you have been simply offered a finger. As Akwasi Pratt Jr. will say, "masa, adabraka". I entreat all the competing royals to be principled, doing nothing to harm the other physically or mentally. Fiendish practices must be eschewed at the selection and installation of a successor chief to Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, the late Omanhene of Kumawu traditional area.

It is my fervent prayer that his soul rests in perfect peace in the bosom of The Almighty God the Father. My heartfelt condolences to the entire bereaved family, especially, Nana "yere" Maame GYAAMAH.

Rockson Adofo, London

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