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Opinions of Sunday, 6 January 2013

Columnist: Afevi, Kormi

Why Nana Ado And The Cabal Are Fighting

In the opinion of the Akyem Cartel at the heart of disgraceful maneuvers by the NPP to usurp the will of Ghanaians and impose Akuffo as the president of Ghana is a bold attempt to do for the Akyem block within the NPP what Kuffour was perceived to have done for the Asantes.

For members of the cartel, Kuffour for 8 years buttered the bread of close friends and associates drawn mainly from the Busia side of the tradition in what is essentially an asante-Akyem marriage of convenience. As far as they are concerned Nana Addo remains the last hope in this attempt to assert an Akyem dominion in an independent Ghana. If the presidency eludes him then a generation of die hard NPP stalwarts of the Akyem stock will have to be content with backbench roles in the unlikely event of the party coming to power.

Truth be told, take out Nana Addo the one eyed man in the town of the blind and you will have to choose from Gabby Otchere Darko, Nana Asante Bediatuo, the discredited Ataa Akyea, Kwame Kokooti Akuffo, the ageing Osafo Marfo etc which really confirms the believe that Nana Akuffo Addo carried the hopes of a generation of Akyems into the 2012 elections.

The question then is why is the Asante faction not seeing through this court action? Fact is, by its nature as an ethnic cult, the NPP suffers from the sociological phenomena called group think. It is therefore very difficult to break ranks and voice dissenting views when one disagrees with a particular course of action. This is why even though former president Kuffour knows very well the decision to court and boycott the swearing in is neither in the interest of the party nor his ambition to see Alan Kyeremanteng as president, he is doing everything possible to stay within ranks by justifying his attendance at the swearing in ceremony.

The party also has an inherent structural defect. The main reason its popularity is limited to one and a half regions. So long as the status quo remains, the NPP will remain incapable of winning any free and fair elections in Ghana. I say free and fair because it took the collaborative effort of the international donor community in starving Ghana of Donor funds and thereby destabilizing the economy and creating good grounds for Kuffuor to win the 2000 elections. The story of 2004 and the manipulative influence of Jake Otanka Lamptey is not lost on Ghanaians. In 1969 they had to ban the CPP to win power.

Far from a political party, the NPP can best be described as an association of local businessmen who yearn for power not to change the lives of Ghanaians but to cut big business deals. This is the reason why they are always desperate for political power. This is the reason why they campaigned on one policy, hoping to emerge victorious by winning two and half regions.

Everywhere in the world, electoral defeat is a time of deep introspection. The NDC seized the opportunity in 2000 and worked hard to regain power in 2008. The NPP can also seize this opportunity to make their party more acceptable to Ghanaians in every region. Genuine electoral victory will come to NPP one day when they change their outlook and attitude to Ghanaians of other backgrounds other than Akan. When they allow wayward individuals like Kennedy Agyepong to face the consequences of their actions rather that seeking protection from the party. After all no matter how influential an individual is, he has only one vote. The NPP is seriously becoming a hard-sell to its own members. Like a sinking ship on the verge of being abandoned by its crew, some key journalists who led the propaganda charge during the glory days of Kuffour seem to have jumped ship after benefiting from the Kuffour government. I am talking about Ogbamey concord, Randy Abbey etc. Talking about Mr Abbey, was it not the same NPP army who rallied to the defence of the former FA scribe and Nyantakyi’s mafia friends when the system wanted to probe the activities of the GFA? Well, guys, there are no journalists in Ghana. What we have are dogs of war. I believe the next time the NPP are in power, they will be careful about spending state money to prop up uneducated buffoons to throw dust into our eyes every morning.

I hope Dramani Mahama will learn and be careful. Did I hear that the NPP have nominated a deputy speaker after deciding on the boycott? ha ha ha ha ha they find cocoyam palatable but they hate Kontomire. My grandfather will say ‘ wo du mankani, eye wotsrie kontomire. Guys, next time to hear the sentences below tell yourself it’s a hoax.

Our forebears led the fight to free this country from dictatorship………………………

Nana Addo led the fight in the movement for freedom and justice……………………

Even though we lost by the slimmest of margins…………….

We led the fight to restor democracy in this country………….

These chaps have been swallowed by their own propaganda. They take all us for fools having failed to credit us will some level of intelligence. They never cease to amaze me.

Kormi Afevi