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Opinions of Thursday, 31 August 2006

Columnist: Laryea, Samuel

Why NDC Should Be Rejected


Moses Asaga former Deputy Finance and Minority Spokesman on finance manhandled the wife to severe beatings. A leader who is to show example by all standards displaying such a cruel lifestyle.

Separation of one time kingpin and former Attorney-General, Mr Obed Asamoah breaking away from the NDC because of the brutalities of Jerry Rawlings’s men who are known to be ruthless and cheats in their so called party.

Bribery collected from the NPP by the former general secretary of the NDC party for their inability to finance the law lecturer by virtue of selfless service rendered to their military party.

A leader like the former President Rawlings who only dreams and thinks about forwarding punishment at the expense of the good developments of the country. Listen to what he said at the last congress they had. “NPP should rather be prepared to be in the Nsawam prisons for the next 30 years.” A former president indeed, but do not forget about this adage which says that “show me your friend and I will tell you your character.”

How can a party like the National Democratic Congress who is known by all and sundry about its brutal attitudes which is always instigated by their so call founder Jerry Rawlings come to power when they and their cohorts thrown the economy into shambles be recognized and followed by peace loving Ghanaians who sincerely wants tranquility and harmony to prevail within their midst join such a party. But one should always acknowledge the fact that their leader or founder himself is a violent personality by virtue of the fact that, he came to power through a coup d’ etat thereby amassing wealth for himself and family thereby neglecting the poor in the society.

Intolerance lifestyle and intimidation of one’s freedom of speech. This particular incident was evident of Koforidua congress when their hard working, affable, spokesperson for the women known by the media as Ms Frances Essian was beaten, whipped and brutalized by the cohorts of their founder just for voicing out her opinion in a statement made by the former President on another platform. Do you think such characters can take the leadership mantle of our dear country Ghana?

“Mr Bagbin, Minority Leader in Parliament and a Member of the committee took time to explain to the nominee that as a minister of state, what he did in private was of importance to the nation.” – GNA

But you know Ghanaian rumours… word from the “palm-wine talk shop,” the grapevine was that he himself had impregnated his own sister-in-law. Of course, he denied it…initially. “It is untrue that I have impregnated my sister-in-law and I don’t have any child with my sister-in-laws and I have not neglected my duty as a father to any child anywhere,” he said – Joy Online. “The Minority leader in Parliament, Hon Alban Sumanu Kingsford Bagbin, has finally confessed to having had a sexual relationship with his wife’s 17 year old sister but added that it is an acceptable traditional practice.” – Peace FM

Ei Bagbin…Christian – now turned- traditionalist to perpetuate a backward tradition! So it’s an unpardonable sin for a married man to impregnate another woman but that is not a big deal if the woman is their own 17 year-old sister-in-law, more so if she did not get pregnant. Nsem Ewor world!

Moses Asaga? O Moses! Moses! Moses! What should I say? This man is no politician. Take for instance his statement against the finance minister’s decision to read the budget earlier than usual… “The intention of the Government to release the 2006 budget in November instead of the conventional practice of the first Quarter of the New Year has been described as disastrous by the Minority Spokesperson on Finance, Moses Asaga. In a statement to The Statesman the MP for Nabdam said the decision to read the 2006 budget months earlier has “no merit and is flawed with inadequacies,” – Statesman

This was when the finance minister, Mr Baah Wiredu, had already read that the decision was to “allow early disbursement so that public institutions, especially district assemblies could better implement their annual programmes.” Moses will rubbish anything the government does if it means raising his income levels ‘looking at the role (he) plays in (the) august House.” “Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.’ Abraham Lincoln.

How on earth can a former special aide to the ex-vice president, Mr Rojo Mettle Nunoo called himself a consultant and be paid a paltry sum of ¢1 million. What he is taking us for or he thinks he can throw dust into our eyes just us has been exhibited by their founder Mr Jerry Rawlings. If the NDC want to call the NPP as Narcotic Peddlers Party then, “Are we wrong to call them Cocaine Consultancy Associates.” Ghanaians should please take a critical look at the way a party like the NDC facilitates the acquisition of lands in the free zones enclave to build a factory. I believe the NDC’s Rojo could himself volunteer as an informant to the police but because of the enormous benefit he derives, he decided to keep his mute over the deal.

Are we not in this country when the ex-President murdered the three high court judges and an ex-head of states without any trial? If citizens who have toiled for the nation by rendering invaluable service could be resorted to such a treatment, then who can lead this nation by having sympathy for people inspite of the wrongs they are perceived to be committed.

An ex-President who is only a half Scottish and half Ghanaian, awarded political positions to only his classmates and school mates from Achimota School like P.V. Obeng, Ibrahim Adam, Adjei Marfo among others. How can such a man practice “friendship cabinet” during his so call reign in office? What if he becomes a full Ghanaian then nepotism will be considered his bosom friend.

Who is Gyamfi Paul? Is it right for an ex-President who is supposed to tell the truth to his people, he lead by telling lies when he was asked of his name of the London hospital where he undertook a throat surgery. Is he not being an imposter rather than a President? Watch him and the NDC very carefully.

Have we forgotten about the CHRAJ report on Ibrahim Adam who was found to be guilty after being declared that, he has assets wealth more than his means but the ex-President issued a white paper to say that the commission was hostile to him, that is why he was not able to come out with the real truth.

Weighing from the above testimonies as against the fact that the NPP under President Kufuor has been able to provide more than expected, I urge all Ghanaians to rally behind the truth and wholly support them.

By Samuel Laryea

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