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Opinions of Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Columnist: Owusu-Gyamfi, Clifford

“The Law is Law” Bawumia hits Tsatsu

In fact this is the time we all face the fact. My impression about the NDC lawyers from day one of the Supreme Court election petition proceedings hasn’t been fully satisfied. I'm expecting that they cut in deep but it seems they’re superficially grating the evidences of the petitioners. Until now am still wondering whether the NDC lawyers are challenging the authenticity of the petitioners’ pink sheets or bloated figures. I’m really lost because they keep on turning around and reconstructing same questions here and there.

I do respect the man Tsatsu Tsikata nevertheless his cross examination has been the poorest so far. He’s been so sentimental, aggressive and attacking from a wrong direction though posing much disability on Bawumia. He thinks he can traps Bawumia by aggression. Even though some may see his smartness over Bawumia as a winning tactics, he’s so much concerned about the circumstances at the polling stations which to my opinion he’s trying to say that “Well even though the pink sheets are bloated, I don’t care. Your polling station representatives signed, confirmed and authenticated the results so why do you complain?” As a lawyer, I guess he well knows that authentication is different from legality. An airport custom officer sealing a bag of cocaine as an authentic package does not nullify its illegality as defined by the state law.

Well am not an expert of the law but common sense tells me that so far all that I’m seeing is that NDC lawyers are giving tickets for the petitioners to solidify their evidences. I know Bawumia had it tough on the sharp teeth of Tsikata, but that bite wasn’t deep enough. And Tsikata shouldn’t take it a joke that Bawumia can sometimes be smart and radical. His response “the law is law” was a stone from the shepherds sling as the judges redirected it hard on Tsikata’s forehead. Quite cynical that the economist challenges the lawyer about what is law. He shouldn’t have fallen on this one.

But so far so good. The cross examination though not impressive has been very interesting. Both parties are doing their best and we hope to see whom the law will finally vindicate as innocent. I congratulate the judges on their consistent unbiased and just handling of the issue. I hope it will continue like this to influence the verdict. Let’s keep following.

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