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Opinions of Sunday, 28 April 2013

Columnist: Kporfor, Jacob

I will campaign for Allan Cash

come 2016 to change the voting pattern in the Volta Region.

Ghanaians are generally peace loving people so they need people with such characteristics to rule them. We care about how much of our money one embezzles but not as much as the peace we will enjoy. Former president Kufour had demonstrated much of these characteristic so I really admire him even though I write about the corrupt practices during his time. Ghanaians are so peaceful that is why the like of Kenedy Agyapong can always get away with reckless statements to the extent that we all now look at him not to be different from our lunatics in the streets. No wonder they are so wonderful and experts in the nacortic trades! Alan will surely win the primaries.

There is a trend that had for a long time characterised our election pattern which anybody would conclude that the Ewes would only vote for NDC because of Rawlings as the founder. This perception is not true since some of us only look for a leader who will set peace as the most of his priority. The best known government in the world has not yet put monies into every individual pockets one must have to fight his way through life only in a peaceful settings.

Whether we like it or not the like of Mr. Akuffo Addo can never be a president of Ghana. This is the man full of evil thought, very selfish, arrogant just to mention few of his best qualities. Whilst the whole populace is in a deep thought of how to survive, he almost succeeded pushing everybody’s attention to this fruitless election petition. What kind of a man is this! Is he the only one who ever loosed election in Ghana for that matter Africa. How could he be so selfish driving everybody to only his wish. Do we have that much money to re organise another election? It is abundantly clear that Dr. Bawunia is not really interested in what he is defending but just to satisfy this man. He Dr. Bawunia needs more time to think about the plight of his people in the Northern region even though he might see himself to be successful but surrounded by extremely poor people. If you pushed people too much the respect goes away!

Obetsebi-lamtey is so tired to follow what this extremely short man is pushing him into. At a point all Ghanaians need to rise up and tell him enough is enough we need to think about how we survive every day.

Alan Kyeremanteng lost his wish to hold one of the topmost position in the WTO, but who hears any protest from him. A good leader is one who is realistic. I can tell you for sure that if Akufo-Addo had won, President Mahama would have humbly resign his position.

As an exploration geologist I had travelled all over our country and I know how poor we are that is why I got very angry to see our lecturer attempt to join the greedy bastards, the politician. It is getting too late for them to team up and come out with intelligent ideas to bring growth.

Where is Otumfour, we don’t hear of him again, can’t he stop this man? We are getting fed up because we need the President to get focus on the country’s economy crisis!