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Opinions of Saturday, 26 September 2015

Columnist: Nii Obodai

Why Kiki Banson Will Have Becca On His Girl Talk Concert.

Last week saw two major stories coming out from the camp of Becca.
The major one Kiki Banson and his EKB label got right was his carefully crafted story of Efya headlining his 2016 Girl Talk Concert.
It looked so obvious that Kiki and his team hatched a story of using Efya to headline his Girl Talk.
We yet to know the full impact of that sleek attempt to shake the Becca camp with Efya by Kiki Banson.
Because the greater obstacle is how Mr. Banson camp comes out with something spectacular to get more people into the National Theatre or Conference Centre for his growing stale concert, if the last two are anything to go by.
There are so many good reasons to believe Kiki will not be able to use any artist apart from Becca to headline his event.
And this becomes clear with a report by Omgghana ( that had Kiki Banson refuting those stories on Starr FM.
One obvious reason is the very fact that, the two were former love birds who had a lot going on for long that the two had to part ways bitterly.
It is for this reason, no matter how bitter Kiki or Becca is, it will be extremely difficult for him to destroy what he built.
Secondly, Becca's career over the last few years has been one struggling and more of a beauty contest for the artist now.
Any attempt by Kiki to replace Becca will obviously be the seeming end of the singer, which Kiki can't afford to, since the event is the major event done by the artist annually.
Kiki Banson's shoot at Girl Talk this year will obviously be one to court back her former artist.
But let's not forget that, the past two Girl Talk events haven't seen much turn out if last year's event is anything to go by.
News which came from the camp was to the effect that the love-war relationship between Kiki and Becca was the major reason why both didn't put in their best hence the massive flop of Kiki Banson's grand sales at the National Theatre and the main event.
As to whether the father, so influential in the life of Becca, will see her daughter back to EKB is another matter we look forward to in 2016.
Kolophonic Records was a major deal the new management of Becca, made so much noise about.
It was reported the artist in few years will be seen on international stages and recording with major artists.
It is of public knowledge how other female artists on the continent are crossing boundaries with hits.
Becca, since her major deal hasn't seen any major hit except for two singles which hasn't brought the artist back to her fans.
Her 'steady' song with Ice Prince had a fairly good social media buzz until it faded after weeks.
We still yet to see more of the impact of Becca's pan-african label.
Sarkodie has been in Ghana promoting his new album, so it came as a surprising seeing this story on citifmonline.
However, we have seen quite few photos of Becca on social media enjoying her trip with headline artists like Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, we hope Becca gets to raise the flags of Ghana by performing as the stories have reported if not an attempt to make mountains out of mole hills.
As to who the real managers of the artist are, we yet to know since information coming out with the promo of the artist's new song shows she is been managed by Okyeami Quophi and her wife Stacy Amoateng, earlier reports had Eben Awuah in the UK as the artist's manager and her once best-friend, Golda Asante.
Checking on the social media platforms (Twitter: @_kwakuasiedu) of close associate of the artist, who fronted as her manager showed all images of the artist on his social media platforms removed.
As to what new performances comes from the artist and what new Kiki and his Girl Talk have for women this year is one observers are watching.
But what can be confirmed with developments is Kiki Banson will have no option than to have Becca on Girl Talk Concert this year.