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Opinions of Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Columnist: Mubarik, Abu

Akufo Addo, call the president, accept defeat and move on.

Akufo Addo, please accept defeat. I know how painful it to be cheated as you and your party claim but all the same, just accept defeat. Call the president elect and congratulate him. Leadership is not only shown when you command the Security forces, control the state resources or called His Excellence. It goes beyond that. Your ability to rain in your supporters amidst their concerns of electoral fraud by your rival plus yours as well, and say, let us respect the pronouncement of the Electoral Commission and move on; will be a demonstration of your quality leadership. So, go ahead, call and congratulate the president elect.
The peace of this country lies in your hands now. You have consistently maintained that you don’t want a “single drop of blood to be shed for you to be made president.” Any move you make now and beyond will determine the security cohesion, unity and peace of this country. You have a tough decision to make, I must admit. However, I’ll entreat you to put the interest of the nation ahead of the interest of your party.
Consider this scenario, how would you feel to run a nation made of ten regions of which you won just two regions as against your rival, who won 8 regions? Yes this argument might be bogus because Ghana is a unitary state and not a federal state. However, the issue boils down to morality. It is morally bankrupt to rule a country eight out of ten regions have rejected you. Be guided by your conscience as you weigh your options. Going to court is a woeful option. I believe whatever prove and evidence you are gathering or have; it is not compelling enough to make you president. I want you to push a call through to the president. Ghana needs it. Your followers needs. Africa needs and the world needs.
You are such a wonderful leader Ghana has ever had I must admit. I want you to keep this in mind, “politicians think about the next election; statesmen think of the next generation.” Here, I use generation unlimited to Ghana. You are an enviable statesman. Have you considered how beneficial you can be to the UN? Libya. Sudan. Zimbabwe. Somalia. Congo. Your services are required to fix problems there. A human right activist, former Member of Parliament, Attorney –General, multilingual foreign minister, chairman of the UN Security Council, these are some striking credentials I hope you’ll not let go just because you want to be president of Ghana. If you consider working with the UN, which I believe they would be glad to tap into your potentials, in no time, Ghana would be too small for you to think about contesting an election with John Dramani Mahama. Cast your mind back to Bush W. Bush and Al Gore? Bush leaves as a political zero. Gore is a Nobel hero.
I implore on you once again to concede defeat and let sleeping dogs lie. I hold a principle position that we must not sacrifice justice just because we want peace but this is Ghana. Justice is not a priority but peace. I want you to consider the future outlook of your party and take a decision that will keep the NPP as a true democratic party.