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Opinions of Sunday, 13 July 2014

Columnist: Mensah, Richard Obeng

The language of corruption

Corruption is contagious
Corrupt communication corrupts good manners
Corruption is fluent in all earthly languages
Corruption is eloquent
Corruption speaks through people

Corrupt communications are usually oral
Its oral communications usually contradict an accepted standard
When corruption speaks, it coerces people to do its bidding
When corruption speaks, it usually gives ultimatums
Corruption usually speaks through dishonest leaders

Corrupt statements are usually contradictory
Corruption says what you need takes time but you can get it now or within a short period if you reward its extra efforts
Corruption says what you need is officially not expensive but you can get an excellent service if you pay some unauthorized fees
Corruption says it is difficult, quite frustrating or impossible to get what you need but you easily get it by motivating its employees and agents

Corruption is weakened when you refuse to respond to its expressions
Corruption is silenced when you insist on the accepted standards
Corruption is defeated if you remain tenacious in your resistance.