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Opinions of Friday, 25 May 2018

Columnist: Ahmed Abubakar

Why I think attitudinal change is far better than a change of government

Attitude is the driving force in our lives, and can either push us to greatness or to demise.

But, we in Ghana have rather chosen the one that pushes us to demise. How about the one that leads us to GREATNESS?

For me, a change of government means changing the president, his vice, ministers, MMDCEs, CEOs of SoE, Board Members etc......

The rest are: changing policy directions as what we saw in the 3yrs SHS to 4yrs by the NPP and 4yrs to 3yrs by the NDC, giving contracts to friends and families, jobs to party people, supervising shoddy works and above all the misuse of public funds for personal interests. These are ideal situations that come in when there is a change of government in our dear country, Ghana. You can add more. But, I hope you agree with me?

But, has it ever helped? How sure are we that, the PPP, NDP, PNC, NPP, CPP and the rest when voted for to come to power, will be doing different of what I have enumerated above? They all have very smart ways of stealing and misusing public funds. They all have ways of benefitting from a particular contract. They all have ways of bringing hardships to the people they rule.

For this to change, all we need is a CHANGE IN ATTITUDE. When there is a change in attitude, a sitting president would know that appointing ministers should be based on merit, giving contracts, scholarships, selection of board members for state institution must all be by merit not merely alienation to the political party.

When there is a change in attitude, prosecution of public officials will be an automatic thing since systems have been put in place to deal with whoever causes the crime and not be seen as PERSECUTION!

When there is a change in attitude, every policy decision been made is one that will benefit the people of Ghana for a long period but not the other way round.

If it comes down to SANITATION ,trust,loyalty, PATRIOTISM and several other things, when there is attitudinal change, there is going to be everything positive about them.

I have been having conversations with like-minded people and all that they tell me is: Ghanaians need a change in attitude. Because, if there is a change in attitude, there will be no propaganda on what has been done or is to be done for the people. People can then, be truthful to their words on what they feel of a performance of a particular government. Sometimes, I feel like people only want a change of government just because it favours their bad attitude. Some don't want a change of government because they will be prosecuted for crimes they committed whiles in office. So, you see????

I am all for a CHANGE IN ATTITUDE. Because, when that happens, it is going to bring so much sanity in our system and make our stay a very comfortable one.

God bless you ,God bless our homeland Ghana & Make her great and Strong!