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Opinions of Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Columnist: Skbeatz Records

Why I shot the armed robber!

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On one weekend, I decided to stay home, go nowhere but be with my only daughter. I was relaxing at the Living room, watching the television.
My daughter later joined me, with one of my movie scripts I have written.
She asked me to read it to her. Reading the story, she softly said, "Daddy, I miss mummy".

Well I had encouraged her to be a little patient about the return of her mother, my wife. Due to the COVID-19, the closed borders has made it quiet uneasy for families and friends who travelled, unable to come back home.
My wife travelled on a business trip to the USA. Two weeks after her departure, then the unthinkable pandemic began.

We speak to her on phone very often though, but we miss her in person.
At about few minutes after reading the script, to my daughter, there was a strange knock at our door.

My courteous lovely daughter wanted to check up on who was at the door but I stopped her and went myself to find out.

I guessed, "Kwadwo, Is that you?", well no answer.

Few seconds after I opened to check on whom, this desperate armed robber entered with a 'Revolver' gun in a black T-shirt and jeans.

It was like a dream, having a gun pointed at me by this young person. I tried my very best to be of a good behaviour not to provoke this shattered armed robber to shoot at my daughter and I.

I did all that he asked of me to do, begged him severally not to point the gun at my daughter but to me instead. The more I tried, the more he became furious and pointed the gun towards my baby and I.

After he had what he needed, as usual, "The Money and accessories", he seemed not quite satisfied and was turning his gun back and forth towards us. Well to God be the glory, the pistol fell off from his hands when he was trying to open my money case. Shockingly, my daughter bravely confidently took the Revolver gun and quickly aimed it at the robber, moved to my side.

I collected the gun and slowly “My first time with a gun", aimed it at the guy. He begged me mercilessly but I was all cold at the way he wanted to hurt my young daughter.

At that moment, it was as if I was not in control of myself. It was as if all in my mind was to 'kill this imbecile' for trying to hurt my family.
I felt all he was trying to do was pretence to get back his gun and get rid of us.

I couldn't hold on any longer with the gun in my hand, so I pulled the trigger!. The bullet instantly hit his chest; he fell slowly to the ground and died at the spot. I am a Christian, knowing that my action was a murder but I had no other choice. I could have looked for my phone to call police but I was scared he could play smart, collect back his gun and finish us quickly in cold blood.

Just like, we usually watch in most foreign action movies. I'm sad I killed someone but I'm happy my daughter is very safe now.

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