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Opinions of Friday, 26 March 2021

Columnist: Elijah Adiasany

Why Ghana is the ultimate living location

Ghana is listed as one of the most hospitable and friendliest countries in the world Ghana is listed as one of the most hospitable and friendliest countries in the world

Ghana is a country known for its production of gold and tourist sites like the Elmina Castle, however, over the past few years, Ghana has become famous for being the place to travel to for the Christmas holidays. People all over the world travel to Ghana just to have an experience of the Ghanaian culture.

As an addition, the Ghanaian government along with other individuals and organisations in the United States launched the “Year of Return” initiative which saw many African Americans discovering their ancestral lineage and tracing them to Ghana and different parts of the continent.

It also put the country on the map as one of the “must-visit destinations in the world”. Ghana is a country located in West Africa along the Gulf of Guinea. There are approximately 30 million people who live in Ghana with over 1 million living in the capital of Ghana; Accra. On the ranking for most peaceful countries in Africa and the world, Ghana ranks 3rd and 43rd respectively.

Can Foreigners Buy A House And Live In Ghana?

Listed as one of the most hospitable and friendliest countries in the world, Ghana opens its doors to diverse people each day. In fact, according to an article published by Nico C.M. van Staalduinen in 2017, 0.17% of the population of people in Ghana are foreigners. Foreigners in Ghana have the liberty to purchase, rent or invest in properties, however, there are certain restrictions when it comes to purchasing land depending on which kind of land you intend to purchase.

The cost of living in Ghana

The cost of living in Ghana according to an analysis run by numbeo is estimated to be 43.67% lower than in the United States.

Prime Living Locations In Ghana

In real estate all over the world, one of the most important things to consider before buying, renting or investing in a property is LOCATION. There is a lot you can change about a house but very little about the neighbourhood or community.

There are over eight locations in Ghana that are considered the best neighbourhoods to live, buy or invest in properties; East Legon, Cantonments, Airport Residential, Osu, East Legon Hills, Labone, Roman Ridge & Dzorwulu.

These neighbourhoods are known for its luxury, safety and proximity to great schools, hangout spots, amazing restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls and other essential places. These are generally areas that affluent people in Ghana reside. On average, a fully furnished house in prime locations could go for $80,000 as a starting price and $1,500 as monthly rent.

Ghana the new hub for business and investments?

According to an article written by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Ghana has enjoyed an increasingly stable and deepening democratic governance over the last two decades. With a commitment to market liberalisation, the government of Ghana is actively taking strides to build investor confidence and trust in the country by implementing feasible and helpful policies that will help reduce the general cost of doing business.

Ghana now is not only one of the best places to live and do business, but it is recorded to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world according to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2019. In an interview conducted by The Breakfast Club Radio show based in New York, USA, recent Grammy winner Burna Boy described Ghana as a peaceful country where he likes to spend his time.

Over time, Ghana has seen several of Nigeria’s finest artists living in Ghana for a period of time. One of the viable markets to invest in, is the Real Estate market. With a growing housing deficit, the demand for houses is a guarantee. GIPC states that “The residential market is the most active, registering an estimated 85,000 transactions per annum over the past decade.” From projections, Ghana’s real estate market is anticipated to be a strong investment

How To Get Started On Living The Ghanaian Dream

Finding a house to live, rent or invest in Ghana could be a major hassle if you do not get in touch with the right realtors and property managers. In Ghana today, there are a plethora of real estate companies providing properties to people seeking to purchase, rent or invest. The real estate scenery in Ghana typically consists of industrial, commercial and residential properties. One of the real estate companies in Ghana doing a remarkable job in providing residential properties to home seekers is Quao Realty. Located within the AnC Shopping Mall in East Legon, Quao Realty was founded by a Ghanaian; Charles Quao. As part of his portfolio, Charles Quao has won for himself the ‘Honorary Excellence Award in Construction and Real Estate’ organised by the 40 under 40 Excellence Awards and ‘Ghana’s Most Respected C.E.O Award’ Real Estate Category. The company has a total of 4 properties.

Each of these properties are located in prime areas in Ghana; East Legon, East Cantonments and Sakumono. Amongst their completed projects, Othniel’s place and Legacy Square both located in East Legon have been completely sold out, however, Legacy Square is available for rent.

233 Boulevard and Pristine Gardens are two of their projects under construction. These properties are a perfect balance of luxury and style. Each space carefully designed to compliment your lifestyle. Quao Realty understands how delicate of a decision it is to invest, buy or rent any property that is why intentional steps are taken to help you successfully acquire and maintain the property by providing flexible payment plans and dedicated and skilled property managers.