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Opinions of Monday, 27 August 2007

Columnist: Asiedu-Young, Bellinia

Why Arthur Kennedy


Following my previous Ghanaweb article of May 13th entitled, Ghana@50 and beyond, and Arthur Kennedy, a couple of readers asked, “Why Arthur Kennedy?” My sincerest apologies to you for replying late, the delay has not been intentional.

Ghanaians need to take the fate of our own country in our very own hands, and set things right in this lifetime. Sadly, a lot of people have been deterred by the perceived greedy and kleptocratic attitudes of our governments, and have stopped any active involvement in Ghanaian politics. As election 2008 draws near, we must wake up from the slumber, and demand to know what each of our aspiring Presidential candidate intends to do to contribute to our future. In the final analysis, we must only hope that the right person is chosen so we do not go through another 50 years of disappointments. I sincerely do believe the time is now, for each one of us to exercise our inalienable right and become involved in Ghanaian politics; for our success as a nation will depend on the good actions that we begin to take from now on, otherwise, we will have ourselves to blame if we sit on the sidelines and watch events unfold without our input.

Before I proceed, my candidate is Dr. Arthur Kobina Kennedy (sometimes referred to as Arthur K). It is not my wish to impose my candidate on you; my mission however, is to encourage you to live up to this responsibility placed on us to help steer a good peaceful path for the future. I will urge you to find out all you need to know about each Presidential contender and make an informed decision, using logic based criteria, such as their background, ideas and vision for the country, so that we can together come up with the most qualified to move the country to the next level. I would also encourage you to visit Dr. Kennedy’s website at to know more about his vision for leadership, and about his policies and priorities.

You may ask, why Arthur K? Let’s start from his background. Dr. Kennedy’s upbringing has been very humble through the sole efforts of his mother. He has experienced poverty like most Ghanaians and has been able to overcome problems similar to that faced by the disadvantaged in our society, eventually climbing up the social and academic echelon through hard work, to become a CEO in the Health Care field. When elected to power, Dr. Kennedy hopes to be a champion of the hopes and aspirations of many Ghanaians who are anxiously seeking for a better tomorrow. He will be a pillar to their quest for economic freedom as they climb up the ladder of opportunity irrespective of social background. He has noted that Ghana can only develop when the masses are able to create wealth, because the wealth of the few rich alone cannot sustain our development. His vision is centered in the middle of this century rather than in the middle of the last century, and he promises to move the county forward and modernize it thereby improving the prospects of the people and making Ghana a stronger nation. He proposes new ideas and a new attitude in governance and says he would modernize Ghana so that the country can identify its proper role in our world.

As a doer, who ensures that simple things are done extremely well, he has promised to unite his party, the government and the nation. Dr. Kennedy believes that we must put reason ahead of passion in our approach to the issues facing Ghana, and he expresses the need to create counter-weights in our government and society in general by strengthening parliament and making it a little more independent to weaken the presidency a bit. A closer look at his leadership philosophies coupled with his successes in the business world, it becomes obvious that he is a good leadership contender for the 2008 presidential elections.

“Is it sacrificial for a Chief Executive Officer managing an annual budget of $15 million to quit his job for a lesser income, so he can help build a better future for others?” Dr. Kennedy has always stood by the truth and has continually given off himself in favor of others. He believes that “Ghana now needs a president who understands that becoming a president is not a right but a duty; that the office of the presidency is not an over-lordship position but a servant position.” He says that a new era is coming when the people of Ghana can take the President to court for non-performance of duty, to serve as a deterrent to future presidents who might take this highest office for granted. On revenge, he believes, it is best to let bygones be bygones, and instead to focus on finding solutions. Backtracked to the early 80’s, Dr. Kennedy came onto the political scene when he challenged the military regime at the time, yet he’s one of the few who will ask for forgiveness and healing of the nation’s wounds. Rhetoric aside, I strongly believe Dr. Kennedy is the most hardworking and the most prepared to face up to the leadership challenge of the Presidency.

Even though the race for the leadership seems crowded, many people have said Arthur K is the one person who is needed in the race because, he’s the next best person to bring all people found within the four corners of Ghana together at this time.

Please endorse Dr. Arthur Kennedy’s campaign today by visiting his website at to read up on his campaign updates and to make a contribution. Let your voice be heard. Thank you

“The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we are, but where we are going”, according to O. H. Holmes

Bellinia Asiedu-Young
Richmond Hill, Ontario

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