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Opinions of Monday, 14 July 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Why Are Kumawu NPP Leaders Sabotaging Their NPP Member of Parliament?

Does it make sense what the Kumawu NPP leadership is doing to their Kumawu Sekyere MP, Honourable Phillip Basoah? I will advise my readers to answer this question after they have read this publication. I leave it to you as individuals to make your own informed decisions/judgment as to whether or not the leadership is in the wrong, or in the right.

In the heat of Election 2012 campaign, the supposed Kumawu NPP leadership, principally four persons, embarked on an intentional, but a completely mischievous mission, to ensure the defeat of then parliamentary candidate Phillip Basoah at the 2012 parliamentary/presidential elections.

They were all supportive of an Independent candidate who was contesting the Kumawu Sekeyere Constituency seat. This Independent candidate was partly being sponsored by the NDC, and partly by the local NPP leadership as aforementioned. Their objective was to get Basoah lose to either the Independent candidate or the actual NDC candidate who was, and still is, the District Chief Executive of Kumawu District.

Their grievances against Basoah as I was informed by various Kumawu people who pleaded with me to intervene to restore sanity and unity among the warring factions and their supporters are as follows.

One of them, supposed to have contributed GHc25, 000 towards the general NPP 2012 electioneering campaign, in connivance with the others, informed Nana Akufo Addo that Phillip Basoah is Alan Kyeremateng’s ardent supporter. Subsequently, Basoah was not serious with his campaign. He was not showing up in Kumawu or anywhere else in the Constituency as regularly as it was required of a candidate desirous to win the seat, they alleged.

My question is, why would someone who had won the NPP primaries at a cost to him, not involve himself in a serious campaign to win the elections for which he has spent so much money already? Does it make sense that he actually wanted to lose the election to deprive himself of becoming an MP, simply because he supports Alan Cash, but Alan failed to win the flagbearership of the party to contest for the presidency?

In the meantime, the snitch had informed his supporters that if Basoah lost the election, they should not worry for he (the snitch) would be appointed the Interior Minister and would employ them in the police force. His supporters believed him. They started a vigorous campaign against Basoah by actively supporting the Independent candidate. I had the opportunity to dissuade some of the brainwashed supporters from their wanton mission. This leader had never come to terms with himself on Basoah beating him on the NPP primaries or not been able to contest at the primaries.

Another of the aggrieved leaders said, when Basoah became the DCE for Sekeyere East District and then Kumawu District, he had not made him the sole contractor as he was under the previous DCE. Under the previous DCE, he, the supposed sole contractor, was awarded almost all the District contracts that came up, by the DCE. As he acquired immense wealth either genuinely or dubiously, the DCE had nothing. However, the DCE was continually manipulated to do the wishes of the alleged sole contractor.

The next leader did not understand why the late B.A. Mensah, the brother of Phillip Basoah, manipulated then President Kufuor to have him replaced as DCE by Phillip Basoah. The last but not the least among the leaders, also did not understand why Basoah ordered the police to arrest him upon he, Basoah, hearing that the leader was engaged in illegal lumbering (felling timber) in the district. He had first expected Basoah to call him around as a fellow Kumawu citizen to either warn him against his activities, or, inquire further into the allegation but not just crack the law on his bare face.

Do you see why they all planned the downfall of Basoah by lying to Nana Akufo Addo about him? I had the opportunity to speak to some of these leaders and their supporters. I personally informed the NPP headquarters to intervene to restore peace between the leaders and Basoah as their actions were injurious to the cause of NPP winning the elections.

I will not delve deeper into why Honourable Basoah is hated by his own Kumawu kinsmen, or to be more precise, Kumawu NPP leadership. The little revealed in this publication tells volume about why they hate him to the core. You can put faces to each instance of grievance.

When we are serious doing whatever is legally possible to ensure the materialisation of God’s promise to Ghana and Nana Akufo Addo, others are only interested in slanderous destruction of their fellow NPP members. Nana Addo has seen so many instances of such false accusations levelled against innocent people.

Please, do not add to the burden of Nana by such unfounded allegations. He has more important things to worry about. The unity of the party, wisely ending the feuding among party members, winning the NPP flagbearership and the presidency as purposed by God are his foremost concern, I should think.

Honourable Phillip Basoah is a full supporter of Nana Addo. For that much, I know better than his detractors. Could I not secretly have passed on this information? Yes, I could. But I would have ended up behaving similarly irresponsible as the leaders in question. By publishing this, I have given those involved the opportunity to tell their side of the story if they choose to. I have more information on whatever happens in Kumawu that somehow affects the collective interest of the inhabitants of the Constituency, District or the traditional area.

I, today, consider this Basoah’s saga resolved and hence closed. We should not spend precious time discussing which camp one belongs to. We must do away with camps within the NPP to gear all our efforts toward winning the 2016 election for NPP and by extension, Nana Akufo Addo.

Rockson Adofo