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Opinions of Wednesday, 16 June 2004

Columnist: Rahman, Abdul

Why Aliu should not be maintained -Rejoinder.

The answer to the question posed by writer is not maintaining Aliu, but removing NPP and its government completely out office. The problem in the North is not Aliu, but Kuffour himself. Aliu is a vice president, he is not the commender in chief of the Ghana armed forces, he does appoint any minister or any member of the top security agency.

All these are the functions of mr. Kuffour the president. He surrounded himself with national security men from the abudu gate. Kuffour appointed Mr. Malik Alhassan his minister of interior, he appointed General Hamidu, a dangerous Ghanaian exile who had help dangerous men such as Charles Taylor in their bloody evil war, as his national security advisor. What do you expect from such appointment? The answer is simple, mass murder. What is even outrageous is the fact that the Kuffour government continue to shield such people, as if nothing so bad had happened. It indeed seems it is okay to commit mass murder and get way with it if you are NPP. The entire administration, from it president, the vice president, and ministers are so incompetent to rule a country like Ghana.

I think it will be one of the saddest mistake in our history if we as country give this government a second chance. A lot had happened since they took office three and half years ago, and we deserve more than they could ever offer, even if they were allowed 100 years.

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