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Opinions of Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Columnist: Adusei, Alex A.

Why Alan is the best Aspirant to fill JAK's Shoes

 Proposal:        JAK out  |   JAKK in 

Name: John Agyekum Kufuor |John Alan Kyerematen(JAKK)
Father: Traditional Chief |Top Advisor
...................... |on African culture
Primary Education: Gov’t Sch.|State Experimental Sch

Higher Education: Law background| Law background
Shoe Size: Size 14 |Size 14
Shirt Size: Extra large| Extra extra large
Favourite Breakfast: Hausa Kooko| Hausa Kooko
& Koose | & Koose
Campaign Style: Plans | Strategy
& strategizes | & Organization
Demeanour: Quiet & Humble | Quiet, Humble & Action

Political Inclination: Rule | Seeking Ghana’s
of law and private- | Economic after 50 yrs
Independence Sector dev't | of Political Independence
Special Appeal to: Traditional | All that, plus Private
Religious rulers | Sector Players the
Groups, & Farmers | Youth & Women Voters.

When the NPP Presidential Aspirants were recently paraded at the Kasoa mammoth rally, most of them made some interesting revelations as to why the delegates must choose them to replace President Kufuor. One Aspirant humbly suggested that there has been an NDC-John as President and one NPP-John also as President; since the NDC currently has another John as flag-bearer, perhaps the NPP should safely match that by choosing another John from among the Aspirants to defeat the NDC-John as was the case in 2000 & 2004. One Aspirant quickly thrashed that idea, maintaining that the NDC-John was a complete disaster while the other NPP-John has been a good President; he also suggested that the delegates should not toy with another John but should rather experiment with “a new face with brand-new ideas”. Another Aspirant stated strongly that if the choice by the able delegates has narrowed down to mere name calling, then it was much easier to go by the acronym “Kufuor nie, Addo-Kufuor nie”. When it got to his turn, another Aspirant boldly recommended that the delegates should be tired of the many “I-put-it-to-you” lawyer-Aspirants among them; he asked the delegates to disqualify them all and choose a Scientist this time around; he forbid them not to choose just “Doctor-this and Doctor-that” but a real Professor with height advantage (meaning any short- Professor is effectively disqualified in his estimation). Finally, an Aspirant told the delegates that he has been an apprentice/Vice for 7 long years, has learnt the ropes of the job first hand, and he wants to be “master” now (this had the President laughing on the platform).

Other Aspirant made references to Salifu being the best “expert” in cola-nuts trading; an ex-General appealed to the delegates for nomination since he has been down in the trenches with all of them; and another claiming he is the young-blood among the Aspirants with high energy level to deliver on his promises. The question still remains as to who among the 17 Aspirants can best fit in JAK’s heavy-shoes.

Reviewing the above listed criteria, personality traits and familiar backgrounds, the NPP delegates should feel right at home with Alan K. as their Presidential nominee (Slot # 8 on the box). Alan was born as a gifted child, completed his basic education in record time, keenly competed at the Secondary School level, qualified as a Lawyer at a young age, and gained exclusive Scholarship to study abroad. The sitting President, as we know, also exemplified himself in similar fashion. These striking similarities should not be that difficult to explain. Someone once said that every man is trying to either live up to his father’s expectation or make up for his father’s mistakes. I suppose we must be guided by this peculiar malady or simply use it as the secret-key to open this interesting puzzle for the delegates: which of the Aspirants can fit JAK’s size 14 shoes? The answer could be picked from above, but it must be noted here that JAK and JAKK have been well-groomed from infancy into adulthood for their political leadership roles.

Alan is one rare politician who, on his own, can movingly and genuinely ground his policy thinking into an upbeat capsule of “Jobs for the people, Cash for the people”. Alan has a clear understanding of the big picture ahead, and has the unique determination to move Ghanaians to middle-income status. He has been thinking out of the box before that became fashionable. On December 22nd, the NPP delegates must offer Ghanaians a special Christmas bonus by nominating Alan K. as our flag-bearer to beat the other John hands-down. God bless Mother Ghana.

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