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Opinions of Monday, 1 January 2018

Columnist: Samoa Mensa

Therapeutic word to heal you from sexual sins; one key to your New Year resolution

File photo; Our Helper, The Holy Spirit is faithfully with us always to guide us File photo; Our Helper, The Holy Spirit is faithfully with us always to guide us

When people do not feel what you go through in life, it is very easy for them to criticize and condemn you. Due to this, while I was struggling to kill the pleasure of sexual sins in my life, professional life performance evaluators had bad perception about me.

Nobody knew what I was going through and doing in the private. I fast and prayed for God to save me totally from the act of sexual sins.

I could dry fast for days; on couple of occasions counting up to seven consecutive days all in the name of "God please save me from sexual sins". After feeling this fast-trans was really a self-revival encounter with the presence of God, play around a 'Jezebel' and man; I am down again.

I thought I would miraculously wake up one day and all fleshly desires are vanished. I would just experience a 'not feeling for sin' state and live like a saint who is only in wait of the triumphant second coming of Jesus Christ.

Some days I wished God to take my life if He would not save me. What disturbed me most was my moral right to advise people who were engaged in other forms of sins to stop. "I have a big log in my eye, Lord, How clearly will I see this tiny peck in my brother's eye to help him remove it?" - I said this prayer at times. How would I successfully win over sexual sin and its desires? For years, my thoughts were fully engaged always.

One day, after experiencing a hurting affliction to commit sexual sin, I cried to God in prayer. Glory be unto God, I heard an audible voice for which I am sure is the voice of the Holy Spirit. He schooled me. He said "He Has promised you of a Helper, so He shall not restrict you". Another time, He said "Man will always go through the pain of saying no to sin". Wow, God acknowledges that saying no to sin is painful. A reality we cannot dispute.

On meditation, I got this fact. Knowing that temptation to commit sexual sin will always come knocking at your door is the first step to overcoming it.

You may have prayed earnestly throughout last night to God for Him to help you stop sexual sins. Brethren, the decision to stop or not to is still yours. If so, then please live wisely. Do not put your canal puzzles together; finally find yourself in a compromising place with the opposite sex and expect God to ask angels to prevent you from having a sinful intercourse. You are on your own then. Please do not be deceived. The truth is that Jesus Christ will not come to grab you, hold you, force nor restrict you from sinning just because you are God's finest.

Even King David, a man the Bible described was a man after God's heart, was left on his own to choose between right and sin. God loved him yet sent no supreme rescue team to restrict David from sleeping with his general's wife. The decision to say no to the sin was David's.

Our Helper, The Holy Spirit is faithfully with us always to guide us in order to save us from being misled into sin but the decision is yours. The best is to prevent the situation that will bring tension to cause you to compromise for sinful sex.

Fornication, adultery and masturbation are sins against God. Some visits to the opposite sex are not of God; profane calls and chats are very unhealthy to your spiritual course. Pornography is a sexual sin fertilizer. May God bless you with His rich fire encounter so as you live exactly as He wills every moment.

Jesus says "Turn away from your sins. For the Kingdom of God is near". Call on Him now and ye shall be saved.

God bless you.

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