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Opinions of Saturday, 30 May 2015

Columnist: Tse, Frederick K. Kofi

Why Afoko And Agyapong Should Not Resign...

...Even though I think Kwabena Agyapong goofed in his "fufu " comment, I do not think he or Afoko should resign. These men are politicians who have invested a lot into their career and for anybody to call for their resignation while those whose misdeeds caused the party in the previous elections were never told to resign is sickening. What then becomes their future if they step aside and Akuffo Addo wins power without their input? I can tell that with the level of suspicion around the flagbearer the two men are doomed should they resign.

Let's Think ...

The overarching troubles crippling the NPP, the only alternative in Ghanaian politics that can wrestle power from the mundane NDC should the current admnistration continues its wayward and downward journey, can not be overlooked. And for the outright hypocrisy that the anti- Afoko elements are enjoying some of us cannot keep mute as if the political future of the two gentlemen does not matter. And the fact that Civil Society Organisations,and the media think its okay , so far as the obviation of the duo( Afoko n Agyapong) leads to Akuffo Addo's presidency.
So far, some think the acid-dousing attack on Adams Mahama is an internal affair and that outsiders have no moral right to opine on this national security issue. That is why think tanks and public commentators who think it is time for a regime change don't see anything wrong with the ever increasing violence under an Akuffo Addo's watch. Yea, Sydney CaselyHayford thinks Ghanaians "inherited politics of violence". This assertion is not erroneous and there are many basis for his assertion. Perhaps that is why he still wears an "ALL DIE BE DIE" T-shirts and sits in the studios of Citi Fm to insult everybody that he thinks deserves verbal violence. That old man must be teaching his children aright! I am currently upset by the all-round condemnation of the Afoko camp and here are the reasons :
Since the day Afoko and Agyapong picked their nomination forms , there have been all forms of machinations, name-calling against the two. Their opponents think that they do not deserve the positions they were vying for, so they vowed to do everything within their power to prevent them from leading the NPP but "the NPP' s battle has always been the Lords".
Also ever since the two assumed office they never had peace, they are constantly bathed with various kinds of accusations. They were sidelined on many important decisions in the party all because of a mere suspicion.
And to top it all, Arthur Kennedy, a founding member of the NPP who was once a communications director for Nana Akuffo Addo wrote a letter just three weeks ago about a SCHEME by the Akuffo Addo's camp to impeach both the Chairman and the chief scribe of the party. He further advised that Nana's camp should consider being tolerant to dissenting views.
So now that the acid-dousing has become a stronger accusation against the Afoko camp which can lead to their impeachment, couldn't it be alleged that the SCHEME we read about in Arthur Kennedy's letter is rife ,since the whole nation is not unaware of a rift between Afoko and Adam Mahama ?
For me, I don't think the two executives have any direct hand in the death of Mahama. I don't think they are so stupid to do that. But it could be either of two things:
1. The loyalists of the embattled executives might be enraged by the various ploys orchestrated against their men and knowing what politics is in Ghana( where power for one is opportunity for loyalists ), they took the law into their own hands.
2. Or perhaps, the anti-Afoko camp planned this barbaric attack and its attendant impeachment in order to close out the political future of the anti-Akuffo faction in the NPP instead bringing them on board.
The way foward is that, we have leadership crises spanning through all aspects of the Ghanaian society and Akuffo Addo must step in as a leader Ghanaians deserve. Currently the Mahama government is being paralyzed by a lot of challenges and some of his communicators are ruthless but are not called to order because the centre cannot hold. Now, we are seeing similar leadership crisis in the NPP and it beats my imagination whether Nana Akuffo Addo is not preparing a weaker government and a more problematic government appointees than we are currently experiencing. Methinks a lunatic fringe in opposition will not metamorphose into a psychiatrist in the loony bin when in government. For the future of this nation and the political future of the two gentlemen, I write!
Let's get talking!

Frederick K. Kofi Tse ( )