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Opinions of Saturday, 26 September 2015

Columnist: Addo, Kwarteng

Who's This Sammy Crabbe Man?

Why is this man Sammy Crabbe always connected to questionable deals? Look at the mess this man caused President Kufour's govt with his dodgy handling and evasively tricky deals on the Ghana Airways.

Now look at how he's so bent on going stealthily with this idea of Omanye account, and this so-called NPP ID card which is starting to generate another controversy within the NPP top Executive again. Why is he afraid of taking his Omanye Account and his ID card idea to the Steering Committee and NEC for approval?

Why is he on air now trying to justify this so-called NPP ID card without any approval? Who is he at-all?

Has anyone ever heard Sammy Crabbe on air talking about any of the pertinent numerous issues facing Ghanaians under John Mahama before, ever since he was elected at Tamale?

Who is this Crabbeman trying to convince now? He is such a dodgy fellow that NPP should not entertain his moonshine at-all.

I thought he said he will die with anybody who dare touches Afoko or Agyapong. Has Sammy Crabbe finished eliminating all the members of the National Council Elders as they have called for the removal of National Chairman, Paul Afoko?

Sammy Crabbe is such a dodgy chancy man, NPP should not allow to him surface to cause more troubles again in place of Paul Afoko and kwabena Agyapong.

Prof. Kwarteng Addo.
United Kingdom.