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Opinions of Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Columnist: Ayeboafo, Yaw Awuah Boadu

Who is who? Desperation for Power comes December 7, 2012

As the political campaign turns into the last stage and defeat stares the NDC with horror: desperation, desperation and sheer desperation manifest in every word they say and action they make. What does the NDC fears, to be so desperate to maintain power in spite of its poor performance? Former president Rawlings now professes to know the answer better than even the teaming Ghanaian masses who feel the daily pain of his NDC’s bad administration. He has categorically stated that president Mahama cannot defeat Nana Addo with the bad performance and corrupt-ridden administration he heads. Rawlings however, pleads against imminent prosecutions if NPP wins. A position that shoots himself in the foot and makes mockery of his self-styled commitment to the fight of corruption. Anyway, who believes Rawlings has the moral right to fight corruption when he presided over the regime that divested most state enterprises to his wife and cronies?
President Mahama is quoted saying “God is on our side, our opponents are desperate and so they have resorted to abuse, and publishing false information about us, but what they don’t know is that who Jah bless no man curse".
Indeed, President Mahama has never forsaken God’s hands for being sworn in as president of the republic from day one. In fact he described the death of president Mills as a “divine intervention”, which had opened up an opportunity for him and the NDC. What an insensitive and desperate message? President Mahama seemed to know long before that the NDC was going to be defeated under their abysmal performance and seemed to relish the death of president Mills as an opportunity to campaign on a clean slate. Why Mahama could have forgotten his own role in the rot as vice president just after the death of the president? The only answer easily guessed might be his erroneous belief in the proverbial Ghanaian forgetfulness and prone to sympathy.
As Mahama’s faith to benefit from these wanes, he drifts from one unpopular statement to another with panic. Recently, he is quoted inciting tribal sentiments “our brother Aliu Mahama was Vice President for 8 years. I was Vice President for 3 and half years. For almost 12 years, we have tasted Vice Presidency. It’s no longer exciting. It’s no longer what we want.” He continues unashamedly and shoots himself in the foot “They want to win here, they should put him in number one and let two of us contest and then they will get something from here…”
Let all Ghanaians with conscience tell John Mahama that if all Ghanaians were to share is warped thought, no person from a minority group in Ghana could ever be president or even vice president which he arrogantly feels tired of. Indeed, his thought is an affront to the constitution he has sworn to protect and defend. The unity and the sensibilities of other Ghanaians who believe in one nation with one destiny. A belief and consciousness largely attributed to the relative peace and stability we enjoy in Ghana in the midst of an instable continent.
As likely defeat dawns on the president, his affiliates and surrogates. They have lost their balance and voice. They’ve resorted to all manner of tricks to hold on but all the tricks crumble under their feet to their shock and desperation. Their last hope to stop the momentum of the NPP and Nana Addo by employing every evil trick they know under the sun to punch holes in the flagship policy of the NPP-free SHS education-has fallen so flat with serious political backlash which seems to be the last straw to break their back.
Let president Mahama reacts to the challenge thrown him by pastor Otabil for the manipulation of his voice in NDC’s adverts by those he describes as his surrogates and affiliates whose activity he believes is defamatory, unethical, criminal, malicious, Machiavellian and evil.

Let Ghanaians judge who is desperate NDC and NPP comes December 7, 2012 under very peaceful and congenial voting atmosphere.

Yaw Awuah Boadu Ayeboafo,, Tepa-Ashanti