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Opinions of Sunday, 14 August 2016

Columnist: Ashong, Joseph Nii Tettey

Who is next to grab the 30K Dundee Scholarship

The end is near: Who is next to pull through the tiger’s den finale to grab the 30K Dundee Scholarship

Season 3 of this year’s THE SCHOLARSHIP program started with hundreds of young Ghanaians drawn from across the 10 regions; series of aptitude tests and interviews, boot-camps and bonding trips. Eventually, 9 of the brightest emerged to enter into the main contest. Over the last five weeks, we have been treated to what we think has been another exciting competitive display of knowledge, wits and sarcasm on radio. We have heard from those who still think Obasanjo is the President of Nigeria, to those who believe kilts emerged from the United States to those who reminded us of the efficacy of tiger-nuts right to contestants who almost tricked us into believing North America has only two countries. The test of general knowledge on a ticking clock, shrilled-voices, pumping adrenalin, confusion, studio-fright and the heated arguments excited us to get close and follow the scramble for the 30,000 GBP grand prize on radio.

This Saturday, we probably saw what would become the last showing of our contestants in the studio as the grand finale is always an outside-studio broadcast so at least families and friends would have the opportunity to see the show live and of course meet our contestants and Lexis Bill; the man behind the gruelling quizzes and frightful evictions. – Oh what a ride, it has been this year.

The week before when our contestants took turns to address domestic tourism in their weekly presentations, we were confident that the grand-finale was going to be a tiger’s den. This Saturday, we have seen the what is a suspending precursor to the finale. What was striking about this pen-ultimate episode of Season 3 of The Scholarship was the slight twist to the second segment. The organisers broke the monotony of the normal styled-presentations and took our contestants into their creative closets. They were tasked to design products, package and present them to potential customer using a bespoke marketing strategy. We thought that was refreshing.
Meanwhile, our suspense cannot be contained about next week’s event although along the line our hearts are broken about the eviction of Lois and Philip this week. Comminus venit et cum dolore suo – it’s painful when you come this close but that is the difference the public voting can make. As for Philip, we think he might have swallowed his own bitter concoction when he told us North America had only two countries. So next week, we look up to Solomon, Nartey, Dennis and Cephas to prove to us which of them takes his place at the University of Dundee in Scotland after holding the big cheque.
Tune in to Joy FM at 5pm next Saturday for the grand finale of The Scholarship -Season 3.