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Opinions of Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Columnist: Edem, Edem Koku

The antics of the NPP in Asunafo North revealed.

The bible was right when it said the leadership of the wicked results in tears and that verse is most relevant in todays context particularly the political terrain of Asunafo North Constituency, a constituency that is known for her peace that stems out from the relative control of political leaders and the firm yet friendly leadership of Hon Alhaji Mohammed Doku, a former assembly man, CDR organizing assistant, regional secretary of the NDC in the Brong Ahafo Region, Municipal Chief Executive (Mayor), President of NALAG (Lord Mayor of Mayors), a man of international stature.

The desperation of the NPP and the sudden dispatch of violent, disrespectful and arrogant young men to denigrate and muddy the hard-earned reputation of Lord Mayor of Mayors, in an attempt to score weak and cheap political point MUST, WILL and Should NOT be countenanced by the peace loving people of Asunafo North.

The 'Dogs of War' who have allowed themselves to be used include one Kenneth-Kwaku Kaunda, a young man whose loyalty to the NPP is in doubt based on the fact that he is a Mossi-man, an enemy of Nana Addo. This young teacher, rather than build his political reputation from a unique angle has resorted to the antics of mud-slunging and promotion of THREATS not on secret-tapes but on open live-political discussion on Nananom FM in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

Nana Adu Gyamfi, the Kennedy Agyapong of Ahafo, who happens to be a constituency youth organizer without locus and standing with the leadership of the elephant. The member of parliament has rejected him for his inconsistency and the parliamentary candidate does not include him in his weak, porous and politically feeble entourage or if you like divided party. All he has resorted to includes lies, tarnishing of images of opinion leaders and denigrating Ewes, Ga's, Fulanis, Mosis,Fantes, Otumfour, Moslems, Dagombas, the Youths, Poor and Peasant Folks etc. The list goes on and on and on.

And the most pitiful dog-of-war is Jones Afriyie, an assembly man who does not understand what he should do as an assembly man but rather tows the political line to the developmental detriment of his electoral area. He is as vulgar as the piggish member of Ghana's Parliament who has, rather than be a woman right advocate, denigrated his mother, sisters, wives (are you wondering why wives, ask him if only one woman fathered his over 2 children, of course I can morally judge him) and concubines. This ill-informed assembly man and perhaps frustrated at the fact that he was rejected when he decided to contest as a Presiding Member and lost woefully has not only publicly ridiculed the assembly but created a picture that assembly members are themselves ignorant of their powers as given them by the constitution.

There is more to speak on, the violent thugs want to push us to react. We refuse to be violent too.

Edem Koku Edem
Youth Organizer
NDC-Asunafo North
+233 207 046 079